Open Thread Wednesday 5/4/11

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  • Tony

    The city trash receptacles on Remsen Street this Sunday were the worst I’ve ever seen them: garbage stacked a good two feet over the top of the receptacles and spilling all over the sidewalk. Another consequence of budget cuts?

  • mlo

    Traffic coming up Hicks St off of Atlantic and the BQE is terrible. Cars & Trucks all hours of the day and night come barreling down the street. Hicks St is a residential street- its not meant to be a busy avenue. When the building shakes and the windows shake its pretty bad. The noise level is so bad I can’t even open my windows anymore. Is there anything that can be done about the thru traffic and also the speed at which they are flying down the street.

  • nabeguy

    Unfortunately mio, Hicks Street has always been used as an alternate route when the westbound BQE gets backed up, especially during rush hours. Speed bumps would be one way to go, but a lower impact solution might be to stagger the lights.

  • David on Middagh

    @mlo: If we replaced the Hicks Street traffic lights with stop signs, speeds would decrease. Vehicles speed up to make the yellow lights, and to get through as many greens as possible.

  • AmyinBH

    The trash bins all over the neighborhood were overflowing this weekend. If crush the coffee cups more fit into trash bins. Same for the new thinner plastic water bottles (fingers crossed the DPS somehow sorts the trash in public bins). Perhaps one day the tourists will catch on.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @mlo, I think you exaggerate about traffic volume at night. not much to be done. p.s. what is the real situation re: the sinkhole?

  • GivingTree

    I just want to pass along a recommendation for Seasons, the new restaurant on Henry Street. My family ate a delicious dinner there on Sunday night. We ate off the $25 fixed price menu and everything was absolutely delicious! I had the tomato salad, the flank steak and the cheesecake. I highly recommend that you give it a try. I would love to see this place stick around!

  • mlo

    Hicks St Guy- really no exaggeration- its very bad between State & Joralemon. where are your cross streets?
    To others, thanks
    It took many many years to get a light at State & hicks – before taht ther ewere frequent accidents on that corner- so I woudln’t want to loose the light. Speed bumps woudl really help but whats the likely hood of that happening?

  • bornhere

    The problems mlo reports for Hicks are duplicated on Henry, and living on the “first floor, front” gives one the added thrill of sensaround. It is horrible, and has gotten worse in the past 20+ years. At least for trucks traveling south (especially after midnight), couldn’t they be diverted to Court Street? I know there are residential buildings there, too, but there are fewer first-floor apartments, and the added sidewalk width does a bit to distance the traffic from “the sound is coming from inside my house.” I think BHA should try to step in here and deal with DOT on this; Judy Stanton did have a sign put up at Old Fulton and Henry a few years back, but that was useless.

  • Lee

    Talking about traffic noise. Does anyone know what can be done about the Fresh Trucks that park outside my building illegally parked at the hydrant? It makes much noise, it is very disturbing being woken up all the time. They came at 6:20 Sunday morning. I have called 311, Fresh direct and emailed them as well… Any ideas would be welcome. Thank

  • Lee

    Sorry about all the typos. Writing is not my thing. THANKS…

  • mlo

    Thanks bornhere for sharing your similar experience and acknowledging how bad the noise actually is.
    Years ago they used to stop the trucks on Atlantic avenue and check the manifests. Also years ago a neighbor Mrs. Philomena Ericco used to stop the trucks herself and check the manifests herself- back then you had to call the precinct and they would send a car- there was no 311. Anyway it has always been a problem and has gotten much much worse. The point is these trucks are not supposed to be passing thru our streets and it seems like its no longer enforced.
    Still wondering where your cross streets are Hicks St guy. Not pleased that you would be quick to insulting & tell me I’m exaggerating. I would invite you to spend the evening in my living room with thewindow open and then tell me I’m exaggerating but your lack of neighborly sentiment precludes you from being welcoem in my lovely but noisy home. Up yours no exaggeration.

  • Jorale-Machine

    Brooklyn Heights at long last makes it to The Onion News Network!,20305/

    At about 1:10 in, the man being interviewed is on Montague Street, between Henry and Hicks.

  • mlo

    @ Lee
    New York City Truck Idling Laws
    Time limit• 3 minutes• 1 minute if adjacent to a public school
    Fines• $50 to $500 and/or 20 days in jail on first offense• $100 to $1,000 and/or up to 30 days in jail on second offense• $400 to $5,000 and/or up to 4 months on subsequent offenses

    Exemptions• Emergency vehicles• Operate loading, unloading or processing device

    Clearly another law not enforced. The Fresh trucks are really loud. If Hicks St Guy gives up his cross streets we can send them to his block since its no big deal to him

  • Montagueresident

    @Lee – we must be neighbors, as I as well was woken up by the idling Fresh Direct truck on Sunday at 6:20am in the morning and this is not the first time.
    This is too much. They always park illegally at the fire hydrant at 65 Montague Street and leave the refrigeration / truck on for sometimes as long as 20 minutes. Something needs to be done. They used to deliver on our block only once a day or so, but this has recently increased to 4-5 times a day, with deliveries starting before 7am and past 10pm. ENOUGH!!!

  • Lee

    @Montagueresident- yes, it is parked at 65 Montague. I have sent FD videos and photos of this. All they do is “pass the buck”. I am not sure why they are allowed to continue to doing this and it has been on a regular basis. I will post again if the manager ever calls me like he said he would do. I guess we all have to call FD when it is happening. I would like to write a note and put in on the door of 65 and let them know that having a 6:20am delivery is disturbing to the neighborhood. I don’t know what is worst the Heights Casino activities or FD trucks…

  • Montagueresident

    Yeah, the Heights Casino 10pm garbage truck is not silent either. I know, it’s useless calling FD..I’ve done it and other neighbors as well, leading to nothing – very frustrating. And gently asking the driver to turn of the engine gets you a whole lot of attitude and dirty looks. Some claim that they can’t turn off the fridge although there is a clearly visible on/off switch above the drivers seat. I have videos as well – maybe we should send them to one of those “Help me Howard” or “Greg Mocker” TV shows.

  • Montagueresident

    From the Fresh Direct website: “We deliver as soon as the next day, every weekday from 6:30am up to 11:30pm, and most of the day Saturdays and Sundays” – Actually the only day that’s different is Saturdays where they deliver from 7am-5pm. It’s only a matter of time until they will deliver 24hours a day.

  • Wrennie

    I also live on Hicks and have street-facing windows. It definitely is noisy, but I’ve always lived in noisy areas, so it doesn’t bug me too much. What does need to stop, though, is all of the ineffectual honking. I’m usually walking back from the gym at around the same time that the garbage trucks come through. They either make it impossible for cars to get around them, or there’s some idiot who thinks his car is twice as wide as it really is and just sits behind the garbage truck blocking everyone else–either way, some drivers lay on their horns for entirely too long, and obviously to no avail. I doubt it’d help–but maybe a few of those fines-for-honking signs would be in order.

    Actually, neighbors, let’s face it: between the dog poop, the recycling thieves, the delivery bicyclists, the foolish tourists, the college jerks at the St. George, and the traffic noise, we might just be outnumbered by inconsiderate people. Maybe it’s time to just embrace it all and/or learn to ignore it. After all, it’s still New York–it’s got a bit of a chip on its shoulder in general, and sometimes, actually, I think it’s a little charming. We can’t change much about how people act, but we can change our dispositions–at least sometimes.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    The BEST way to approach this is to simply find who in Fresh Direct is the head of community relations, failing that press relations. Send a good well recorded fair representation Video of the activity to the company. Why? because the next time it happens after that, and the company took no action. THEN its a FAR stronger newsworthy item.

  • bhman

    Does anyone have anything to add to the open thread other than a complaint?? Come on people!

  • JasonD

    Re: traffic noise, I live in a parlour level on Henry between State and Joralemon, and the traffic noise can at times be unbearable. The idling trucks lined up stopped at the red light no State can be murder.

    Its NYC, so we can deal w/ the traffic noise, although I also get worried about how fast people fly down what is a very narrow street with parked cars. I’m all for speed bumps (And I’ve had to do my share of driving around the nabe).

  • Teddy

    Speed bumps would slow traffic, but would probably increase the noise when trucks go over them. I think congestive pricing into Manhattan would benefit the Heights much more.

  • lee

    @bhman, add something…

  • EHinBH

    I think Cadman Plaza West should be one way traffic in each direction. The other lane on each side should then be head-in stall parking for residents. Would be awsome — less traffic (have you noticed all the additional traffic since you cant make a left onto the Brooklyn Bridge from Tillery anymore? Now all the taxis come speeding down CPW to try to get to the other entrence to the bridge.

  • Teddy

    We need congestive pricing into Manhattan.

  • jim

    anyone have a reliable/affordable handyman/woman that they can recommend for a pretty small job: painting, tile work, etc. many thanks in advance

  • Neighbor Hood

    Dear Teddy,
    I don’t want no pricing that makes me retain fluid. My ankles are puffy enough thank you.

  • Jorale-man

    I’ll add Clinton Street to the question of noisy thoroughfares. It may not have the BQE feeder that Hicks has but it gets a lot of spillover from downtown. Plus, taxis take that as a route to the bridges and spend most of it honking. For that reason, we just had soundproof windows installed throughout my coop.

  • Big Dave

    Crisp, delicious air,
    Petals dancing, aeries sing–
    Careless traffic snarls.