Dara Ettinger Jewelry Boutique Coming to Hicks Street

The old Seaport Flowers location at 218 Hicks Street will soon be home to jewelry designer Dara Ettinger, who is moving her flagship store from Los Angeles to Brooklyn Heights. The store’s grand opening will be on April 30.

Ettinger, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, worked at Polo Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, Cynthia Steffe and others before striking out on her own. Many of her designs feature big, bright and polished natural stones and she’s attracted quite a following (just check Tumblr!). Celebs such as Jessica Alba and Paula Abdul have been spotted wearing her jewelry.

The store rounds out what is becoming quite a fashionable strip on Hicks Street as it joins clothier J. McLaughlin and gift shop Overtures.
Photo: thelastplace.com

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  • Michael

    Seems like a great addition to the neighborhood. Best of luck in the new location.

  • GHB

    Good luck in the new location. Sounds like a good fit for the Heights. I’m sure people will start complaining about prices any time now!

  • AnnOfOrange

    Wonderful news – although I wonder how it will impact Overtures, which has expanded its line of jewelry recently. When I glanced into the shop yesterday and saw the layout I thought that it was another salon!

  • north heights res

    Overtures went out of my price range several years ago; I shopped theire regularly when I first moved here, and I never set foot in the place now. Predictable though my comment may be, GHB, I’m not all that happy to see a storefront with yet another shop that’s out of my modest means – though I understand the economics of BH real estate.

  • EHinBH

    Excellent — welcome to the nabe. She’ll need to do marketing outside of the hood in a big way, but I’m glad to have anything that isnt a bodega or big box store…

  • mary

    nothing special Simon Tu does the same thing….plus, simon i can talk to…dara after i spend my money in her shop, she brushed me off when i saw her on the street and never responded to my email. here today gone tomorrow

  • http://www.daraettinger.com Dara

    Hi Mary, I apologize if I offended you! I may not have seen you when you passed by, as I don’t really make it a habit to snub people! Whether you purchase from us again or not, please know that any “brush off” as you say, was completely unintentional! I love my customers, and make it my business to create lasting relationships!

    To everyone else, thank you for your support! We’re so happy to be here, and hope you’ll all come and take advantage of our neighborhood 10% discount, or if anything, just come say hello and beat the heat!

    We’ll be sponsoring several community events, the first of which is a “back to school evening” with the Mac Cosmetic shop on Montague, Sept 2. Feel free to come sign up and find out all the details any time. We’re open daily 12-8, Sunday 12-7.