Municipal Priorities

Not only can you park in a bike lane to go to church, some people use their official cars to do it.

Not only did the police countenance the huge bike-lane blockage by Our Lady of Lebanon parishioners today, but instead of writing any tickets, I was asked by an officer what I was doing taking photographs.

When I inquired if that was illegal, he told me I better not scratch a car (which I wasn’t touching).

A Henry Street resident I spoke with, not only cited the danger of cyclists having to divert into traffic from Montague to State Street, but said the weekly parking on the sidewalk causes the pavement to crack. Something the homeowners are responsible for fixing.

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  • PJL

    Same issues on Henry & Clark….

  • PBK

    I think we need to communicate with all the houses of worship in this issue. First Presbyterian has made some strides. We just need this to be an ecumenical effort.

  • nabeguy

    Peter, I know this is a pet issue for you, and you’ve been riding it like the Tour de France, but did it really take you this long to come to that conclusion? Ecumenical or not, nothing get’s decided or resolved in a vacuum.

  • Peter Kaufman

    Could you clarify your comment?

  • Quinn Raymond

    It should not be an “effort”. Effort implies that this is a situation where the neighborhood is asking for something that is extra-legal, and that the houses of worship would be doing their neighbors a big favor.

    This is a matter of churchgoers chronically violating laws at the expense of their neighbors. They are enjoying special protection from laws that the rest of the community must observe.

    It is unacceptable behavior and NYPD traffic enforcement needs to enforce it.

    Again, these houses of worship are wonderful assets to our community but this situation is unacceptable.