Councilmember Petitions for Safe Access to Pier 6

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  • Lou

    Certainly there are more important issues do deal with that this. I went to that park plenty and the safety of the walking routes never crossed my mind. The only dangerous part is the BQE onramp on Atlantic but if you don’t cross against the light then it isn’t an issue.

  • TM

    The BQE on ramp from Atlantic is very wide crossing for pedestrians and the light timing, plus the legal turn on red (Mon-Fri) can make it treacherous especially if you have kids in tow. The Joralemon crossing of Furman street can be challenging especially too when the BQE backs up. Here it is the speed of vehicles (>40mph) and lack of sightlines for both pedestrians and drivers are factors. In general the access to the path along Atlantic requires quite a few road crossings – safety could be improved for pedestrians by the use of barn-crossing. Where all traffic is on red and pedestrians can cross in any direction. However, this is a major set of intersections so this should probably limited to weekends. Other than getting light timing to be more pedestrian friendly, there is not that much to be done for safety. If this more about aesthetics then that is a different discussion.

  • Beverly D

    Yes, it is a very important issue to Petition for Safe access to Pier 6. There are many new families tha love to walk over there. They go with their baby carriages,their children, their pets for walks. How can you keep up with the oncoming traffic – the traffic lights that change as fast as our breaths. Children running, or playing on their scooters. Its just too hard to keep up- keep aware and stay safe. Great weather is coming- everyone is interested in enjoying the parks, recreation areas, Anything in favor for the safety of all. We have our overpass on Union Street- that gives me the critters- if a child runs against that fence of iron rails over the highway. Or the overpass at Summit street-

  • Knight

    Lou, there will be more important issues until a child is killed or crippled by an automobile at one of these intersections. Then in hindsight nothing will have been more important.

  • JJ State

    Can we also discuss how incredibly disgusting the area under the BQE overpass is? I have called 311 about the dead pigeons, the poop and the overall filth but to no avail. How can we get that area cleaned up?