Countdown Clocks Coming to Borough Hall

The practice of leaning over the platform edge and staring into the tunnel to see if the Lexington Ave Express is coming should be ending shortly at Borough Hall. The MTA has new signs in the station announcing that real-time train information will be coming soon to the already-installed display panels on both the Lex and 7th Ave lines (the R train and other letter lines still don’t have the wiring for this feature). The displays will announce the next four trains, their route and destination, and are updated continually.

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  • Arch Stanton

    Aw they take all the fun out of it.

  • AEB

    Hope they’ll be installed at the High Street and Clark Street stations.

    L-o-n-g waits at the former for Manhattan-bound trains are particularly frustrating when they occur, as they often seem to, during the AM rush hour

  • Teddy

    When I first saw those countdown clocks in Germany in the 1990s, I wondered how long (if ever) it would take until I would see them at Borough Hall. The answer is 14 years.

  • Jorale-man

    It’s a nice enhancement and I won’t complain but I’d personally much rather see the MTA spend the money on a much-needed overhaul for that station. The ceilings and wall tiles are crumbling everywhere, the floors are disgusting and there seems to be several inches of grime on everything. Plus there’s always a flood at the foot of the stairs at the Joralemon & Court steps when it rains.

    By comparison, the 96th & Broadway stop in Manhattan is an equally busy hub and it’s been completely renovated within the last year.

  • Jorale-Machine

    AEB, countdown clocks have been up and running at Clark Street for a couple of weeks now.

  • Knight

    I noticed the electronic displays at Clark Street. Just like looking down the tracks, they don’t make the trains arrive any faster. I thought a better use for that money would have been on something that WOULD make the trains arrive faster. But that’s just me!

  • Knight

    PS: the countdown clocks have been up at Wall Street for months … and they’re rarely correct!

  • Just A Neighbor

    Since we’re on the subject of stations, what’s going on with that huge – and I do mean huge – homeless man that’s always standing right at the edge of the track on the 2/3 train – he looks scary as hell and I don’t scare easy. There are times when I’ve sene him in the mornings and much later that same evening, he’s just yards away from where he started his day.

  • GHB

    It took long enough, but Clark Street finally has ’em!

  • Andrew Porter

    I first saw these on the London Underground more than a decade ago, and though they’ve been installed in many stations here,they are slow to be connected and operating.

    They are tied in to the PA system, and when two trains are arriving simultaneously on opposite tracks,can be quite confusing because of overlapping annoucements.

  • KISS

    Waste of money. MTA defers needed infrastructure repairs, eliminates agents & booths, cuts entire lines of service, because of lack of funds, but then spends millions on signs announcing arrival times? Not to mention the additional money spent on the self-congratulatory advertisements.