Open Thread Weekend 4/1/11

Everyone seems a little pent up – so here’s a weekend OT!

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  • T.K. Small

    Is this unscheduled Open Thread a BHB April 1 prank?

  • Ari

    I’ve got nothing to really complain about today….

    So, I’m gonna rant that I have nothing to rant about.

    Man, living in BH sucks sometimes, doesn’t it?

  • Miky

    How is Area Kids on Montague still open? Not only is their miniscule inventory overpriced, but they are rude and unhelpful there too. They wouldn’t gift wrap something for me the other day, because its shape was awkward. And when I tried to return a defectively made shirt that my kid wore once — which they clearly should have been able to return to the manufacturer — they refused.

    What’s shocking is that Heights Kids on Pineapple is so good — great prices, selection and staff. How Area Kids can stay in business is beyond me.

  • T.K. Small

    I bought a scooter at Heights Kids for my niece and they were amazingly helpful. They gave me information to make an appropriate selection, wrapped it up and tied it on to the back of my wheelchair. I will definitely go back, regardless of price.

  • PierrepontSkin

    Re-posting this here from the Wednesday open thread, in reference to the sketchy guy with sweatpants and a hood.

    I too have seen this young man with the hood and sweatpants. He’s definitely suspicious. The first time I saw him was on Pierrepont between Henry and Monroe Place. I walked by him and he slowed down (even more so from the extremely slow pace he already walks) and I got a bit uneasy. I’ve continued to see him, mainly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, either in Cobble Hill (in proximity to P.S. 29) or around the Heights. Even in the middle of the day, with a bunch of other people on the street, I get incredibly uncomfortable and I force myself to cross the street.

  • danno


    You think living in The BH sucks now? You kids don’t know what sucking is. Twenty years ago, you wouldn’t believe how much it sucked. You newcomers to the nabe think things are so awful, but you don’t know anything. Montague Street sucked so much better then. You should all move back to Topeka.

  • Peter

    Anyone been to the new restaurant Seasons on Henry Street? Giving it our first try next Saturday, would love to hear some reviews, thanks.

  • RamonaQuimby

    I went to Seasons last week. It was awesome. I had the steak from the restaurant week menu. It was a small portion, but I really enjoyed it. I hope they’ll be around for a long time. It is head and shoulders above the french place or Bread and Butter.

  • karl Junkersfeld


    Here is a video review of Seasons in case you missed it.

    Also, Seasons is now serving Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Call for more information:


    Personally, I loved the Lamb Rack. Fantastic and at a good price considering the inclusion of 2 sides.

  • nabeguy

    If anyone is interested in some free children’s books, let me know. I’ve got two full boxes of them that are yours for the asking. Guaranteed only read (or chewed on) once.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Nabe Guy – Suggest that you offer the books to PS 8! The Assistant Principal was very happy to receive office supplies that I took over recently.

  • heightsguy

    The dumplings at the tiny sushi place in the Clark St. Subway are there in the case all night, and also on days they are closed. I fear they are there for as many days as it takes to sell them all! Any hepatitis stats for the Heights?

  • GHB

    Are you serious? That’s a display case… not for eating.

  • Marnie

    I picked up a package of dumplings one night and carried it inside to pay for it. They insisted on preparing a fresh batch instead, which was quite tasty and welcome after coming home late, tired and hungry. I’ve found their food to be fresh and tasty whether cooked or a sushi dish. However, I love Oshi across the street for dining in.

  • kcgrace

    I had a great crepe from the Clark subway stop this week- $5 for a ham and cheese brimming with both. A great breakfast/ lunch option. They are so friendly too!

  • Nelson

    What’s with the god awful helicoptor noise this am! I thought this was taken care of….clearly not….they are continually buzzing my bldg and the promenade.

  • lois

    The “nuisance” crimes continue…went out to the car only to find that someone had cut off our bumper buddy. Now we need to buy a new one, but what is the person going to do with a bumper buddy that doesn’t have the handles to keep it on? Worse than that, we called the precinct to report it and they said the only way to report it was to call 911 (which is supposedly NOT for emergencies).

  • lori

    Regarding taking pictures of tourists (and giving them directions and advice), I am ALWAYS friendly to tourists and often tell them a lot about the neighborhood. But yesterday I saw two guys wheeling their suitcase looking lost. When I offered to help them, they asked for directions to the Bossert and I directed them to it. However, as I was walking away, they opened their case and said they were Jehovah’s Witnesses and wanted to give me a tract. I said I’ve lived here 40 years and could tell they were JWs and just walked away with them trailing after me. (I outwalked them!)

  • nabeguy

    lori, they were lost…in the maze that is the JW faith.

  • WillowtownCop

    Lois- they can’t take your word for a theft from an auto. The chance thats its insurance fraud is pretty good in these cases. Misdemeanor larcenies by unknown strangers are not investigated by the police, so the only reason to want a “report” is for an insurance company. A sector has to be dispatched to the scene investigate your claim, and the only way to do that is through 911.

  • @nabeguy

    Thank you for the offer. What type of children books? How many? Interested in books for k-2, but not infant books.

  • x


    to the 2 JWs, you were most lost than they were,

  • nabeguy

    @nabeguy, come to 56 Middagh Street and you’ll find out The boxes will be out there tonight. BTW, I never thought I’d see my name with an ampersand in front of it.

  • pankymom

    Dear Admin — feel free to remove my two rob-related posts as the problem is now solved. thanks for the edits.

  • Tara

    Hi all-

    I have clothes that I would like to donate, but don’t know where I could drop them off in the neighborhood. Any thoughts?


  • David on Middagh

    Tara, the Housing Works Thrift Shop on Montague street takes clothes. (Newish condition / designer stuff especially; they don’t take children’s clothes.)

  • sbk3

    Someone just came into the area way in front of my house and took a metal planter near the front door. I heard him and went outside. He said he “collects metal”. I told him that was not trash.
    I just want every one to be aware of this incident and they secure anything that a normal human being would know is not trash and no free for the taking. The usual customis to put trash in a bag or trash cn and out on the street to be picked up by the sanitation department. It is also considered stealing from the city if one takes items set out for recycling.

  • GHB

    After you confronted him, he still took it? WTF?

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Just a note…legally items in front of your house are not legally abandoned unless they are within three feet from the curb.
    But use your judgement what to put out in front of your house.

    As far as the comment by danno that is 100% CORRECT.
    the Heights in the seventies and eighties could often be
    a threatening place.

    First of all, there was a nightly conga line of felons from
    surrounding neighborhoods (especially the navy yard projects
    and the red hook areas.) coming into the Heights victimizing
    hundreds. Elderly victims were often the targets. We had
    everything going seriously wrong; gun shots off the promenade,
    multiple attemted knief attacks, drug dealers setting up shop
    at the secon appelate court at Monroe Pl., an ofter out of control situation in the St George archade and in fact in all of ther TA facilities in the Heights. A very dangerious criminal population in the St George hotel. Well, remember when the warrent squad finally was forced by public opinion to go into the hotel to arrest
    all the residents with outstanding FELONY warrents?

    The situation was getting worse and worse.

    Then three things happened-

    1) A group of Heights residents let it be known that they would
    set a RIVAL heights association unless the mounting chaos
    was not quelled and…

    2) A group of Heights residents approached the local police
    commander of the 84th Pct and two key officals at 1 police
    plaza and let it be known that unless the pattern of violvent
    crime was greatly and immediately reduced, they were going
    to form a GUN CLUB and at least thirty heights residents
    to start with would apply for carry or at least premises pistol
    permits. But while they were waiting for the rulings on the
    pistol permits. They were going up to Itchica and purchase
    a 50 case of shotguns. ANYONE who who REALLY knows the
    history of the heights knows how more police became available.

    3) Someone set up a pirate radio station which nightly gave out
    discriptions of suspicious persons, including license plate
    numbers etc this had a profound effect especially on the drug
    types who thought they were going to use Pierrepont and
    monroe place as a base.

    THATS the REAL history of the Heights…..and THATS why when
    serious, seasoned Heights residents see cetain indications they
    view the situation with the gravity they do.

    Because unlike a group of persons who DONT have the longevity and judgement we KNOW the dangers.

  • Heightsman

    If they open the gate and step on your property, can you shoot them legally or do you have to get them inside first?