“SAYSO!” Event for Sexual Assault Victims Wednesday, April 13

The Safe Horizon Brooklyn Rape and Sexual Assault Program, in conjunction with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, will present the second annual SAYSO! event on the plaza in front of Borough Hall on Wednesday, April 13 from 3:00 to 7:30 p.m. SAYSO! is dedicated to promoting healing and raising awareness about sexual assault and New York City’s specialized rape crisis services.

The event will feature speeches from survivors and allies along with diverse music, dance, and spoken word performances. Simultaneous healing activities will be offered such as yoga classes, participatory art and self defense classes. Safe Horizon is the nation’s leading victim assistance organization. The Brooklyn Rape and Sexual Assault Program provides time-limited counseling and advocacy to survivors of sexual assault, along with their families and friends. The program also raises awareness of sexual violence through presentations and outreach.

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  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    What a comment on the state of our country that an event of this nature is being held. the unspeakable degradation of the station
    of women in our society is the key here.

    The decline in religious and family life are also keys here

    What is happening to women at present are the direct fruits of our march in directions such as a secularized society and the decline
    in moral and family life in our country..

    Unfortunately, events such as this are very unlikely to have any
    positive effect on what is happening to women.

    ONLY a restoration of the station of women will hault the decline
    in the status and safety of women. And a large part of that is a restoration of the common responsibility of men to come to the
    aid of any woman being in danger of even the possibility of a problem.A large part is also women taking care to uphold thier status of honor and respect.

    There is a wonderful publication which often carries articles
    on the status of women which everyone concerned about the
    safety of women in the Heights SHOULD read;

    The Mindzenty report 7800 Bonhomme Ave po box 11321
    St Louis Mo.63105
    314 727 6279 .

    in our society as individuals and a collective class which
    deservs…and demands admiration and respect. .