Spring Egg Hunt at Pierrepont Playground April 23

The Brooklyn Heights Playground Committee will hold its annual Spring Egg Hunt at Pierrepont Playground on Saturday, April 23rd, starting at 10:00 a.m. In case of rain, it will be held on Sunday, April 24. More details follow the jump.

BHPC President Heather White provides the following information:

After his big success at the Halloween Parade, neighborhood parent Geoff Cardillo will be set up to take photos of the little ones in their Spring best.

The Spring Egg Hunt is an annual tradition for many families, organized and funded by the all volunteer BHPC, and we need your support to keep it going.

If you are interesting in helping with the Spring Egg Hunt please email me at heatherdianawhite@gmail.com. We need people to help hide the eggs, bake and assist with the bake sale and clean up. Helping with these events is fun and a great way to connect with other Brooklyn Heights parents.

Happy hunting!

Photo: The Go Green Blog.

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  • Heightser

    Why is this called a “Spring Egg Hunt”? Please call it what it is, an Easter Egg Hunt! No one searches for eggs for any other reason as far as I know.

  • David on Middagh

    Heightster, I think it’s because “Easter” derives from the name of a pagan goddess. I’m sure that not all who might wish to participate are pagans.

  • hoppy

    I’ve at one time been agitated over the seemingly P.C. renaming of the Christmas Tree into a “Holiday Tree” and the Easter Egg into a “Spring Egg.” But then l I realized that Christians just simply adopted these tree and egg traditions from Pagans, so who are we to complain about the naming rights?

  • Heightser

    I know why they did it, but it’s silly. It’s an Easter egg hunt. C’mon! Maybe us Jews should have an Afikomen hunt and then rename it the spring,unleavened bread hunt.

  • Arch Stanton

    I find PC Euphemisms far more offensive than “Easter” or “Christmas” In fact I find the whole “PC” mindset thoroughly nauseating.

  • ABC

    They used to call it an Easter Egg Hunt. Problem was, people showed up on Easter.

    Still, I am happy you guys are always so predictable. I knew I was going to open this thread about a playground event and find the BHB commenters complaining and offended.

    PS, You can contribute to the playground for the programming by clicking on the linked site.

  • Heightser

    In all seriousness, contributions to the playground are seriously needed. I hadn’t been in a while and was shocked at the condition it is in. Many of the tree roots are making the surface buckle and it is actually quite dangerous for the littlest ones. They were tripping and falling all over the place. The park really could use a make over. I wonder if the city has to pay for that or if it can come from private funding?

  • lori

    I think it is a spring egg hunt because alongwith the crocuses, daffodils and tulips that pop up, colored eggs pop up from the ground also. Seriously, when it’s on public property, people feel they have to be politically correct. However, churches still hold EASTER egg hunts (at least the last I heard they still do).

  • Winstion Smith

    Talk about not P.C. Arming kids with guns and having them shoot eggs? I think its an outrageous and dangerous Idea.

  • Alana

    Closeout Connection on court st. has really cute eggs that talk. They are hide and seek eggs. I bought some for my son who loves them.. I think it would be a great idea to put some out for the kids to find ($2.99 each)

  • Brooklyn Tea

    Heightster is correct. We have become too PC. It should be called by its real name – Easter Egg Hunt. Soon there will be no more diversity in this great melting-pot because we will have diluted all cultures into a watered down bland nation. How boring!