Part of Brooklyn Bridge Park Will Be Completed Next Year

The Brooklyn Paper reports that “part” of Brooklyn Bridge Park will be completed by the end of next year:

Brooklyn Paper: Part of Park…: [Regina Myer, the BBPDC president] said the two portions of the park that will be completed by the end of 2009 are part of Pier 6, at the foot of Atlantic Avenue, and almost all of Pier 1, just south of the Fulton Ferry landing and the Brooklyn Bridge, where a temporary viewing area allows tourists to check out the “New York City Waterfalls” installation.

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  • http://deleted bh

    This is not a park. It is landscaping for luxury condos. And did anyone notice that the waterfalls turns its back on Brooklyn? Looks stupid from the Brooklyn side.

  • kirkaldy

    bh – your comment about “landscaping for luxury condos” sounds willfully cynical and blind to just about every published image of the park. Can you demonstrate how, exactly, this criticism stands up to scrutiny?