Bloomberg’s Mysak on Brooklyn Heights, Suburbs and Stuff

Bloomberg’s Joe Mysak writes about the suburbs not being dead yet and manages to shoehorn in a Brooklyn Heights reference:

Bloomberg: Death of America’s Suburbs…: I was looking at a real-estate Web site this week, and came across a nice house on Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn Heights. And as I looked at the pictures of the place, I thought, “Hey, I know this house.” We used to live across the street. Right out the front parlor’s windows I could see our old front door.

We rented an apartment in a townhouse back then, 20 years ago it must be, and could see into the house, and admire the front parlor. We called the people who lived there the Airedales, because they had an Airedale improbably named Pedro, and imagined the privileged and perfect lives they led in this nice house. I remember the time the fabulous chatelaine came home on a Christmas Eve afternoon in a taxi full of bags of presents.

I looked at the listing, and now got to see inside, with the photographs, and the floor-plan, and you know what? It’s a house, a very nice house, but not especially grand, not what anyone would really call a mansion or a palace. The price: $5,895,000.

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