NY Daily News: Folks Freaking Over B’Law Parking

As we reported earlier this week, Brooklyn Law students have been invited back to the Columbus Park parking lot (aka the “judge’s lot”) after years of being banned due to a student-guard confrontation.  The NY Daily News gets community reaction to the plan and it ain’t pretty:

NY Daily News: Columbus Park…: Just when advocates thought they had cut back judges’ parking in a city park, the borough’s new head judge has opened the floodgates to more cars.

Former City Councilman Abraham Gerges, who took over as head administrative judge this spring, has now invited faculty and students at nearby Brooklyn Law School to park after hours in the unpopular parking lot – even though community leaders charge the judges promised to stop parking there when a new criminal courthouse was built in 2005.

“This is just adding insult to injury,” said Wiley Norvell of Transportation Alternatives, which has been battling to boot all cars from Columbus Park and turn it back to public space.

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  • nabeguy

    Dedicated off-street parking can’t be a bad thing, as it prevents poeple from driving around looking for alternative spaces. Besides, Columbus Park is one of the most under-utilized public parks in the area. Sounds like Wiley just wants to plant a ACME bomb under every car.

  • mike

    nabeguy – First of all, it’s a park, not parking lot. Secondly, too much off-street is a bad thing, as it encourages people to drive, and takes up space that could be used for more useful purposes. And your comment about Wiley is really silly.