Five Houses Now For Sale on Willow Street

Back porch at 26 Willow Street

Curbed reports that the townhouse at 26 Willow Street is now for sale at an asking price of $3.8 million, which makes a total of five houses–the other four are 46 and 47 Willow, 69 Willow (“Blue Beauty”), and 70 Willow (the “Capote house”)–on the market on that street. Video by Mr. J. after the jump.

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  • BrandonH

    I hear that 47 Willow has an accepted offer above ask.

  • John Wentling

    Seems there’s an exodus underway – what gives?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Above ask? That’s crazy talk for a 12.5 ft wide house in estate condition that needs a ton of work. Good luck to the buyer!

  • BrandonH

    Other than the former Capote house, all these homes for sale on Willow St are in “estate” condition. They all require substantial work.

  • Jeremy

    The oldest house in Brooklyn Heights is not across the street from 26 Willow Street, the broker’s description notwithstanding. I assume he’s referring to 24 Middagh Street. It’s old (c1821) and beautiful, but not the oldest.

  • Homer Fink

    @Jeremy I think Mr. Junkersfeld has something to say about the oldest house in the Heights.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Actually, from my initial homework, Jeremy (who has dug into this topic more extensively) and I agree on the oldest house in the Heights. I have some great video of it both from the street view and interior yard shots within its gated entrance.

    Someday, Homer, I’ll complete that film. Now, if I can get Jeremy to work with me on it, we would have a blockbuster. lol

  • David on Middagh

    “Estate condition”–I learned a euphemism!

    This blog is so very edutational.

  • Donald Brennan

    Generational transition.
    Market has some strength in certain property types so sellers sidelined by the economic crisis of the past 4 years are now taking action.

  • AnnOfOrange

    I knew people in two of the houses that are literally in “estate” condition because their very elderly, very long time, and very dear owners died. I hope that each of their homes are purchased by someone who will treasure the legacy of the owners who maintained them in loving and historic condition. Lost with them are the potential for oral histories that would enrich the Brooklyn Heights Historical Society archives. These long time residents knew the Heights way back when, long before the newcomers who arrived in the 80s and 90s and often exclaim in the BHB on the changes they have observed here.

  • Cranberry Beret

    No linkage to the Simon rich name-drop in the observer about Austin ratner’s house purchase on joralemon??

  • HeightsGuy

    Corcoran website now showing 47 Willow Street “in contract”

  • BrooklynBadass

    These homes here on Willow street are nice. I love to see homes that are apart of history and in good condition.

  • lori

    69 Willow is a nice house, but they are asking $5.750 for it

  • Gerry

    Why no comment here from Nabeguy who has a blue house for sale near Willow Street?

    Did Nabeguy sell his house yet?

    For decades I walked Willow Street daily from Montague Terrace to the St. Geroge Eastern Athletic Club this is a very nice street.

    When the new YMCA opened and I began swimming there I stopped walking Willow recently I retraced my former daily walk and saw a big turnover of houses and apartments from the street I could see that many people had moved on — in the old days Brooklyn Heights was a place to live forever get a rent stabilized apartment and grow old…how times have changed.

    Did Nabeguy sell his beautiful blue house yet?

  • Homer Fink

    Karl “Sony Music” Junkersfeld put together an omnibus video of these Willow Street homes for sale: