The Kid Cops Key Endorsement

Democratic candidate for the NY State Senate seat representing the 25th District Daniel “The Kid” Squadron has picked up an important endorsement in his quest to unseat incumbent Martin “Marty” Connor.  According to the Villager, the Downtown Independent Democrats are choosing the change that Squadron represents over Connor’s three decades of experience in office.

Squadron tells the paper that he attributes his DID win to the fact that he’s been knocking on doors and meeting people in Soho, Tribeca and Battery Park City.  What’s Marty’s response to that?

The Villager: Connor, though, said the only reason Squadron has time to knock on doors is because he has no other job. Squadron stopped working as a political consultant to devote himself full-time to his campaign.

Meanwhile, Connor said his own work in the State Senate keeps him away from his district.

“The public didn’t elect me to State Senate to skip Albany and the legislative session to knock on doors,” Connor said. Once the session ends in three weeks, “I’ll knock on plenty of doors, believe me,” he said.

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  • nicky 215

    while marty is knocking on doors maybe he can pick up some work for his law practice… that is the thing that keeps him away from the citizens he supposedly represent. he really only represents himself

  • Jazz

    If you clickthrough to the article, it mentions that Marty is going to release his tax returns. He claims that he makes betweek $18K and $90K a year in his law practice. That’s a big spread, no?

  • Kim

    Marty made public his intent to release his tax returns and challenged Dan Squadron to do so at various endorsement meetings throughout the district. Upon doing so he explaine that the most he hasn’t billed more than 150 hours of legal practice in any year. That’s less than 3 hours a week. Not in any way keeping him away from his full-time job, being a Senator in Albany.

  • Jazz

    @Kim: 100% attendance doesn’t matter if he’s clueless and bumbling not to mention out of touch with this century. Nice try though now can you get him to stop parking illegally?