Suspect on the Loose After Raid on Orange Street

At around noon today, there was heavy police activity — as in body armored ESU officers — in front of the Orange Court apartment building (Orange Street and Hicks). Early reports pointed to a “barricaded EDP” (emotionally disturbed person) at the scene. However, reports say that whoever police were looking for was not inside the building. The Brooklyn Eagle’s Ryan Thompson was on hand with pen and paper so we’ll let him report from here about what the NYPD has to say:

Brooklyn Eagle: “We were conducting an investigation, and the individual we were looking for was not at that location,” a police spokesman said Friday afternoon. “It is an ongoing investigation.”

Upon their initial arrival, police from the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) were heard talking about “harassment” and “vandalism” being reported in relation to the suspected individual.

As officers cordoned off the area with their new, blue-and-white police tape, curious Brooklyn Heights residents gathered at the corner asking questions. One woman in an Orange Court apartment opened up her window and inquired, “What’s going on? Was there a robbery?” Her concern was likely based on a trio of robberies that occurred just around the corner earlier in the week.

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  • nabeguy

    I know somebody in that building who would qualify as an EDP. I hope it’s not him, because he’s harmless.