Chopper Crackdown Enforced with Fines

We earlier noted that the City’s Economic Development Corporation and Saker Aviation, the operator of the Downtown Heliport, have begun to enforce the rules agreed to last April to prevent tourist helicopters from overflying Brooklyn Heights or Brooklyn Bridge Park. These rules are now being given teeth through the imposition of fines on pilots who violate them.

The Brooklyn Paper: A Manhattan heliport operator has started enforcing the “No chopper” zone above Brooklyn Heights — and two tour pilots have already gotten slapped with $100 fines.

The unlucky flyboys allegedly violated a city flight plan redrawn in August to keep tourist hell-icopters from hovering over our scenic waterfront.

According to the Brooklyn Paper article, the fines will rise to $500 per violation next month, and $1,000 in May and thereafter.

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  • Johnny

    Good stuff!

  • David on Middagh


  • Chris

    I suspect State Senator Squadron has something to do with this. Thank you!

  • Nick G

    I personally love the sound of helicopters and getting to look at them up close. They really are magic. The 3-year old twins my girlfriend babysits loves them too.

  • DrewB

    How do the heliport operators on the Manhattan side of the river know when pilots are flying over the heights or the park? Are they tracking them on radar and fine them based on that? Because I still see them flying over pier 6 on a regular basis. I feel pretty confident that more than two helios have broken through that no fly zone in the past months.

  • Claude Scales

    According to our earlier story, “scanning radar systems” are being used to track flight paths:

    Are you sure the ones you’ve seen flying over Pier 6 originated from or were going to the Downtown Heliport? I’ve seen choppers overflying the Heights that come from the south and continue north, or vice versa. These aren’t covered by the agreement affecting flights from the Downtown Heliport.