Hipster Mag Claims “Conspiracy” in Levin’s Crime Filled Weekend

The L Magazine goes hog wild with snark today, joking that Democratic upstart (with Brooklyn Heights roots) Lincoln Restler was somehow involved in NYC councilmember Steve Levin’s crime filled weekend. Cops say the car theft and office break-in suffered by Mr. Levin do not appear to be connected to each other. The L also ponders whether these shenanigans have something to do with Levin’s association with controversial assemblymember Vito Lopez.

The L Magazine: Last summer, in a major upset covered extensively by the L, fresh-faced Lincoln Restler defeated Lopez’s preferred candidate in a District Leader election. Since then, Restler hasn’t been shy about lobbing verbal grenades at Lopez, in these pages and elsewhere.

So, did someone steal Steve Levin’s car to “send a message” that he could no longer depend upon his political mentor to ensure his easy passage through the cutthroat world of Brooklyn politics? It’s literally impossible to believe otherwise.

Asked by email whether he stole Steve Levin’s car, Lincoln Restler told us, “Truth be told I don’t even have a driver’s license. I’d be happy to give Steve a ride to work on my bike though.” Which, though it has the whiff of non-denial denial about it, ought to settle the issue of the car theft, if not Vito Lopez’s evidently waning influence.

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