Powell Comes Out Swingin’

10th District Congressional Democratic candidate Kevin Powell is interviewed by the Brooklyn Rail. In the Q&A he has some tough words for incumbent Ed Towns:

The Brooklyn Rail: Kevin Powell: We’re talking about an incumbent who’s been in for twenty-five years and who has missed nearly a thousand votes since 1993; who has taken money from big tobacco, who has taken money from nuclear energy; who had actually agreed to bring nuclear waste through the district. We’re talking about someone who has been very quiet around the war in Iraq; someone who has been missing in action around an economic empowerment in the district. In fact, he had promised it and never delivered. And so we’re saying that there are two types of Democrats—there are good Democrats, there are bad Democrats. There’s the old guard liberal way of being a Democrat, and there is what we feel like we represent, which is the progressive Democrat. We’re about not just talking, but trying to deliver constituent services to the community.

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  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost

    Look out! Powell has stopped being polite, and has started getting real.

  • T.K. Small

    Although Townes is not my Representative currently, he was before the area was redistricted. I’m not sure whether you can find anyone in Congress who has done the less than him.

    These are important times! I like the fact that Powell actually gives a damn and is willing to challenge an incumbent. The country needs more people to take on the establishment. I would be happy to vote for Powell.