Mixed Message at Migita on Montague?

This in from a reader about Migita at 130 Montague Street:

Walking down Montague Street this morning I noticed that Migita has been papered up, with a sign that states “closed for renovation”. When you look up, however, there is a for sale sign on the building. so another one bites the dust on Montague Street.

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  • C.

    Let’s make sure we get a combo hair salon/laundromat/tailor/optician/realtor/nail salon/kiddie spa/cell phone store/sub-par japanese place in here!

  • Heightsman

    What is Migita?

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    Maybe Spicy Pickle wants to come back!

  • AM

    I think it might really be closed for renovations. I live in that building and the for sale sign has been there since last summer and I have seen people coming in and out.

  • Josh G

    I’m with C, cuz you can never have enough kiddie spas. Anyone know why Spicy Pickle came and went so quickly?

  • Victor

    lol i totally forgot about spicy pickle.

  • http://www.BrooklynPeriodontics.com Brooklyn Periodontics

    Spicy Pickle? What was spicy pickle?

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @Josh G, Because it served lousy overpriced food.

  • Buddy Holly

    Let’s get a 24-hour laundromat with a jukebox. (With Buddy Holly songs for 25 cents a pop – something to go with the spin cycle.) Also a bar, with bikini wearing bartenders, and a happy hour all day.

  • C.

    @Buddy Holly:

    “Also a bar, with bikini wearing bartenders, and a happy hour all day.”

    I’m with you on this last part

  • x

    I like Migita for their Udon soup.

    THey will be missed (by me) if they indeed go, which I doubt.

  • Bette

    Dear Eddy, et al – could you please suggest a restaurant on Montague that DOESN’T serve lousy over-priced food? It’s the both together that get me.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Teresa’s is about the only one I can think of… Yes, the restaurant situation on Montague is pretty sad.