Siggy’s is Back

Mr. J. is there with his video camera to record the happy event. Video after the jump.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Two points I would like to make:

    1) There were a multitude of theories as to why Siggy’s was closed. Some more interesting than others but the plain truth was Miss Siggy took a vacation and wanted the kitchen closed in her absence. What better time time to close and take a break. This winter has been merciless.

    2) The proclamation I am reading in the video was anonymously left on Siggy’s window by a concerned Brooklyn Heights resident. After numerous inquiries, Siggy and personnel have no idea who wrote it.

    Needless to say, they are appreciative of the writer’s enthusiasm for their food and have kept these articles posted for all to read upon entering.

  • AEB

    Not good biz practice, I think, to suddenly close shop without some explanation as conjecture can be harmful.

    Then again, it can “reacquaint” people with the enterprise and their need for it.

  • EHinBH

    Did anyone see Siggy herself on the Food Network show “Chopped”? She ran out of time in the first round as was eliminated for not completing all the plates needed for judging.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Below excerpt taken from “Food network” site:

    Siggy Solitto

    Age: 41
    Chef/Owner, Siggy’s Good Food

    I’m from Israel and started working as a waitress in hotels to save money to travel the world. I was quickly promoted to manager, and my job involved many aspects of food. I eventually came to New York, studied theater, and while pursuing acting I worked in various high-end restaurants as a server and manager, planning menus and events. I guess I had a feel for it naturally. I really started as a chef when I opened my own restaurant four years ago. My take on food is different than most. I’m not your regular next-door chef. I carry more life in what I do, with the main ingredients: fun and passion. I grew up in a Moroccan family and food was sacred, always made fresh, colorful and with a great emphasis on taste. I’ve always loved food and eating out, and being sensitive to artificial and highly processed food, I prefer fresh, organic ingredients. I never understood why you can’t get a good sandwich or salad in a casual place for a decent price, so I decided to do it with a dream of creating dishes with flavor, colors, nutrition and love. Home cooking is my specialty, and Mediterranean cuisine is my favorite. The variety of vegetables and herbs is endless. I think I can win this competition because I love to inspire people to be happy, truthful and strong.

  • John

    I’ve wondering for the last year where the black cat that used to hang out at Siggy’s went – he always appeared rather tired. I hope they did not serve him up!

  • Alana

    Karl J. its me Alana from Marty’s Video store.. Please email me:

    Oh and I absolutely love Siggy’s despite them closing for a period of time. I hate when Fascati’s does it every summer and I want a slice of pizza but hey they need a vacation too..

  • Alanna

    While I enjoy Siggy’s…I believe it’s a bit overrated. The food is underwhelming for the price.

    The raspberry almond bar, however? absolutely DEELISH

  • Julie Kanfer

    i’m not sure what i would do without siggy’s!