Cuomo Advisor May Have Triggered LICH Closing Flap

An advisor to Governor Andrew Cuomo on health care matters may have been behind the freezing of funds needed to enable Long Island College Hospital to complete its merger with SUNY Downstate Medical Center. The freeze was later lifted after local politicians put pressure on the Cuomo administration to reverse the decision, which could have led to LICH’s closing next month. According to the New York Times City Room Blog, the advisor, Jeffrey Sachs, also acts as a paid consultant to several major players in the health care industry, one of which is Brooklyn Hospital Center, which the Times piece identifies as a “competitor” of LICH. According to the Times, Sachs has now “frozen his contact with state officials” about clients he represents as a consultant.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Yes, Claude I caught this story and was a bit peeved to learn of this revelation.

    It reminded me of a similar story in the NYTimes about the Governor of Wisconsin and his ties to the Koch brothers. Money and its influence is very disturbing.

  • x

    “Corruption” in our politics is as bad as anywhere in the world. Just less conspicuous and among the powerful people.

  • ifsandsor

    Isn’t “conflict of interest” grounds for removal for such a position?

    This guy almost turned our community on its head. There should be consequences for such behavior.

    Thanks to our local Pols for stepping in

  • x

    Our government should be ashamed of itself.

  • Winstion Smith

    Just like its played in Washington… will we ever learn?

  • Johnny

    and remember those in our community that thought the closure was only motivated by the financial deficit or the quality of care at the hospital…

  • sky

    I think all corruption is awful and makes a disgrace of our government….but, LICH should close! Why should LICH get the only bail out when several hospitals in Brooklyn could use the grant money. If they all got the grant money, we could see how each hospital responsibly uses it.
    Please, for the love of God, someone close the place!

  • Brooklyn Periodontics

    I am happy LICH remains open despite how and by whom.

  • pete

    “helath care industry” — spellcheck not working?
    All hospitals in one form or another get gov’t money.

  • Claude Scales

    pete: No, spell checker probably working. Posting in the wee hours can be hazardous; I just overlooked that cautionary red underline. It’s doubly embarrassing since I’m the self-appointed copy editor.

  • rob

    I’m so sick of all the corruption. This guy should lose his job. what ever happened to honesty

  • x

    There is no honesty in government. We are no better than any third world country. Except you can’t bribe your local meter maid, only their higher ups if you have a lot of money/power, which is much much more costly for the public.