Spotty the Dog Found!

Spotty the Dog, who was reported missing over the weekend, has been reunited with his pet parents. BHB reader Natalie Cooper found Spotty and posted here earlier about the rescue:

SPOTTY HAS BEEN FOUND. I spotted him while jogging Saturday afternoon (2/19) on the corner of Henry and Remsen. He had no collar nor microchip (I took him to my vet for microchip testing). After several failed attempts to find his home and rightful owners, I left him with the wonderful Sean Casey Animal Rescue team. When posting “found dog” flyers the next day (Sunday, 2/20), I saw the sign for the missing dog and got in touch with the owner, who then contacted Sean Casey. Hopefully by now, he is back at home and happy once again. And yes, he is such a sweet dog!!!

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  • Matthew Parker


  • lori

    Good news! Not a good time to be out in the cold.

  • Michael

    Natlie –

    That was very kind of you. I am sure the owners must be very very happy.

  • Josh G

    Hooray! I’d flip if my dog ever went missing.

  • soulman

    That’s wonderful – my dog and I have been looking since we saw the flyer. Thanks to Natalie from all of us in Dogland (now off to Hillside).

  • petebklyn

    jerks probably negligent who lost dog and no better than graffiti people to post flyers on public property. shame on them. they don’t deserve to have a pet.

  • Arch Stanton

    Jeez petebklyn, you’re more of a grouch than me.

  • AL

    I’m glad that Spotty was found. I do not understand, therefore, why the “Lost” posters have not been taken down. I remove them as I see them because I don’t want people to get inured to all “Lost” signs. If one of my cats ever becomes lost, I want my posters to be effective.

  • soulman

    Pete – off your meds again?

  • petebklyn

    seriously, what is with dog owners. They all seem all so self-envolved – like we all should care your animal that you neglected to take care of properly is missing and we should help you find it. And feel sorry for you because you miss it. And so self-entitled that should post flyers around the neighborhood.
    If it were your child missing you’d be locked up for neglect. Show some responsibility.

  • David on Middagh

    @AL: I’ve been removing the old posters, too. I took down about eight today, most of those from the western end of Middagh St. (Glad the dog was found.)

    @petebklyn: When I was a child, an unexpected suitor appeared one night for my divorced mother. As I let him in, my young and inexperienced cat slipped out the door and into the night. At some point, the cat was hit by a car, and died. (The suitor was rebuffed.) There. Now don’t you feel bad?