The Search for Spotty, Brooklyn Heights Pooch Gone AWOL

Fliers were posted around Brooklyn Heights this weekend in search of Spotty a pooch who ran away from home recently. The flier reads:

REWARD. FOR MISSING DOG. Our dog Spotty escaped from our gate on Hunts Lane and Henry Street. If you have found our dog please call us at 347-651-7997 or 347-526-6197. Thank you.

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  • bklyn20

    The dog is a Rat Terrier – sort of a Chihuahua-sized Jack Russell Terrier. I know the dog from the neighborhood and wanted to clarify because to me the photo looks like that of a bigger dog. Sweet dog and nice people. I hope he is ok.

  • Natalie Cooper

    SPOTTY HAS BEEN FOUND. I spotted him while jogging Saturday afternoon (2/19) on the corner of Henry and Remsen. He had no collar nor microchip (I took him to my vet for microchip testing). After several failed attempts to find his home and rightful owners, I left him with the wonderful Sean Casey Animal Rescue team. When posting “found dog” flyers the next day (Sunday, 2/20), I saw the sign for the missing dog and got in touch with the owner, who then contacted Sean Casey. Hopefully by now, he is back at home and happy once again. And yes, he is such a sweet dog!!!

    Natalie Cooper –

  • Claude Scales

    Great news! Thanks, Natalie.

  • AEB

    Natalie, you’re my new favorite person! And my cats say your theirs, too! (Hope that doesn’t last TOO long, though!)

  • GHB

    Great work, Natalie! And Sean Casey Animal Rescue is a terrific organization. I hope that this story will make dog owners realize the importance of microchipping.