CBS Sunday Morning on Former Brooklyn Heights Resident Gypsy Rose Lee

CBS Sunday Morning jumped aboard the Gypsy Rose Lee Centennial bandwagon today with a report featuring her son Erik Preminger: When asked if she ever explained why she chose the name “Gypsy,” her son, Erik Lee Preminger, said, “Her favorite line about this is, ‘Darling, I told that story so many different ways, I don’t remember which one is true.'”

With 18 volumes of scrapbooks, Preminger is still discovering things about his mother.

For example: She claimed to be born in 1914, but new research indicates it was 1911, 100 years ago!

“Why do you think people are still so interested in your mom?” asked Braver.

“Because people can’t believe that a stripper could attract the kind of attention and praise that she did,” he said.

Of course, most of us know her rags-to-riches story through the Broadway musical, “Gypsy,” and the film starring Natalie Wood.

The site of the February House, where Ms. Lee live in the Heights, is part of Homer Fink’s Hidden Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour returning soon. Info here.

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