Greg Kinnear Spotted Shooting in Brooklyn Heights

BHB reader DrewB caught these pics of Greg Kinnear and director Douglas McGrath working on a scene from I Don’t Know How She Does It. The film is shooting here this week (reportedly for 3 days longer than expected) and some residents are quite upset over amount of parking spaces the production has commandeered.

Co-star Sarah Jessica Parker has also been seen in Brooklyn Heights filming. Have a photo? Send it to us – webmaster AT brooklynheightsblog dot com .


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  • Claude Scales

    “Spotted Shooting”? Thank God it’s not Dick Cheney.

  • val

    She was on Garden Place on and off all day yesterday. I have some really lame photos on my blog ( The PAs strongly discouraged us from taking pictures, so I could get only a few unfocused hip shots.

  • north heights res

    Of course they discouraged you. If you can’t park on a public street because they’re there, why on earth should you be able to take photos? Or walk? Or talk? Or even breathe?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. :) Tongue in cheek. Mostly.