BHA’s Judy: Landmarks Could Have Worked Harder to Save 100 Clark

The Brooklyn Eagle covers the tragedy at 100 Clark Street (aka 1 Monroe Place) and includes a quote from BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton. Clearly the finger pointing has begun in this saga:

Brooklyn Eagle: Historic Heights…: Judy Stanton, executive director of Brooklyn Heights Association (BHA), reminded us that an article in the most recent edition of the BHA’s newsletter, “Dereliction of Duty,” spotlighted several neglected, deteriorating buildings — including 100 Clark St.

“It’s a real shame,” she said, “that the building was allowed to deteriorate to the extent that the city was forced to evacuate the remaining tenants … Landmarks could have worked collaboratively with the city to bring ‘demolition by neglect’ charges” to force the owner’s hand to undertake restoration, she said.

As for the overall value of Brooklyn Heights being impacted by the loss of 100 Clark (in all fairness jury is out until we know what replaces it, how it will/won’t be restored) and the other neglected buildings in the neighborhood — could the BHA have launched some sort of class action suit against the owners? There are enough lawyers who read this blog. Weigh in, won’t you?

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  • BH Man

    Nah, its cheaper to not put any money into the building so the city has to force everyone out and then tear it down. The owners then have to pay a small fine (gentle slap on the wrist) and the cost to tear the building down. Then they can build a brand new building, better than previous one and charge $3,000 a month or more for rent and make millions of dollars. So very smart on the part of the owners, working the system so its in their favor.

  • Penison Companies

    You’ve figured us out. Drats!