Curbed Asks: How Much Updating Will 46 Willow St. Need to Justify Price Tag?

Curbed ponders if the potential updating needed to bring the townhouse at 46 Willow Street, last renovated in 1977 according to its listing, is worth the current asking price of $4 million:

Curbed: Here’s an interesting listing for someone looking for a townhouse in prime Brooklyn Heights. 46 Willow Street is on the market for $4,000,000 and given the fact that it’s 25 feet wide that’s not too bad of an asking. Here’s the troublesome part, “It was converted to its current configuration in the 1920s and has been lovingly lived in by its current owners since 1977. Now it’s time to bring it into the 21st Century” which means it’s going to need some serious (mostly technological) upgrading to bring it up to level for someone buying at this price point. The potential is there and the details are pretty beautiful but it just needs someone to step up. Think it’ll go close to asking?

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  • Jorale-man

    It’s hard to know what the agent/Curbed means by “technological” upgrading. The place looks great in the photos. The kitchen seems to be thoroughly modern. Presumably it’s got electrical issues or needs a new boiler or something of that sort.
    Regardless, well out of my price range!

  • nabeguy

    You have to love the inviting bottle of wine on the counter. “Please, drink up and sign the contract”

  • Billy Reno

    First they have to evict Alice from the kitchen.