Latest on Garbage and Recyclables Collection

This in from Judy Stanton, executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association:

Here is an update from our local DSNY garage superintendent:

1) The DSNY intends to start overnight tonight [Sunday, January 30] with a limited number of trucks picking up REGULAR GARBAGE and ALSO MONDAY RECYCLING.

2) IF you live south of Joralemon Street, your recylables will be collected sometime between tonight and Tuesday morning.

3) EVERYONE can put out regular trash and expect that the trucks will get to it before Tuesday morning.

NOTE: This is common sense but I’ll say it anyway— All trash should be placed far out on snow banks where Sanitation workers can EASILY see and REACH it….otherwise, they are very likely to miss it.

IF, even after you have followed the above advice, the DSNY has not yet gotten to your building’s trash by Tuesday morning at 7 AM, please let me know right away [], in case trucks are still out in our area.

4) RE WEDNESDAY RECYLING: Even though Wednesday recycling collection was aborted due to snow, I am told that there will be NO trucks picking up recycling in the Wednesday zone [both sides of Joralemon Street and all streets north of Joralemon] until further notice because another snowfall could interrupt the schedule again. Stay tuned for more word about the latter.

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