Blue Butterflies on Pierrepont

Reader Sue Raboy sends us this photo of unusual wildlife perched on a tree trunk on Pierrepont Street. Another photo after the jump.

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  • Staff

    An art project perhaps?

  • David on Middagh

    Butterfly, paint of my tree, moth of my day. Papier-mâché. My bag, my bug. But-ter-fly: a pulse of the lips propelling a sound secondly said unspoonerized. Flutter. By.

  • AEB

    Nice, David! Pliny the Elder, right?

  • David on Middagh

    AEB: Exactamundo!

  • Big Dave

    Butterflies on tree
    Leeward refuge seek;
    Cold comfort this winter day.

  • A Neighbor

    Yes, great. We can use some public art in the neighborhood.

  • SueR

    Not another butterfly to be found today. Just wondering who had the brilliant idea and who made them. Tomorrow I’ll be out again with my camera looking for more.

  • Ben

    This is so cool I plan to steal the idea and do something on my terrace with some butterflys I can buy at a craft store brighten up the gray winter on my terrace.

  • David on Middagh

    AEB, my conscience is killing me. My earlier post was not, in fact, inspired by Pliny the Elder–nor any other double IPA. It was Trader Joe’s “Mission St.” Brown Ale.

    There. I feel better.

  • Claude Scales

    The next time I visit the Chip Shop or Roebling Inn, I’m asking for a Pliny the Elder. Is that a double IPA flavored with elderberries?