BHB Gets Results – 121 Montague Shovels Snow!

Here’s the sidewalk in front of 121 Montague at about 2:30 p.m. today (compare with yesterday afternoon). We’ll be watching to see if shoveling gets done more promptly after the next storm, which is expected to arrive Tuesday.

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  • Y

    How about the Brooklyn Eagle at Henry and Middagh? Last night the path was wide enough for one person.

  • ujh

    Sidewalk in front of several houses on north side of Joralemon between Hicks and Furman had not been cleared by noon on Friday. Wonder whether the owners were among those who objected to “outsiders” sitting on their stoops during visits to the Floating Pool Lady several years ago.

  • lcd

    This is satisfying. Was it a spontaneous act, or did someone call 311?

  • nabeguy

    Y, totally agreed. Here’s what I posted on the other article about 121 (although at more length than you):
    And I’d like to add an additional name to the Hall…the offices of the Brooklyn Eagle on the corner of Middagh and Henry. I’ll give them a bye on the Middagh St. side due to the fireman’s cars parked on the sidewalk, but there’s no excuse for them not plowing more than a single-person lane on the Henry St. side, especially given that it’s a major route for parents taking their children to PS 8. The only area they cleared to the sidewalk was the driveway in front of the garage that they deliver the papers from. In terms sidewalk shoveling, the Eagle is a turkey

  • Jho1

    The next time it snows and it seems to be more on the way. A list of folks who clear a path and a large one at that- they should be acknowledged and be recognized.And…. of course an opposite list to spur folks to go that extra step.

    After all we all can have slip and fall!

  • bklyn20

    I believe several residents called the sales agent and complained (I listed the phone numbers in an earlier post.) Don’t know how many called, however.