Hey 121 Montague Street, How’s About Shoveling?

While it seems that most businesses and private residents cleared their sidewalks in record time today, the walkway in front of the former Jennifer Convertibles at 121 Montague Street had not been cleared of snow as of 3pm this afternoon. WTF?

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  • jj

    this is great. u should keep a running list of all the places that dont shovel…like the building on the southeast corner of atlantic and clinton (which actually has open businesses in it). sorry i dont have a pic.

  • bklyn20

    This storefront was still sporting thickly packed ice and snow as of 8:00 pm tonight, Thursday 1/27/11. 121 Montague Street (the former site of Jennifer Convertibles) is being sold by RKF Associates.

    RKF’s main # is 212-599-3700. Names aso listed on the RKF website for this property:

    For more information contact:
    David Rosenberg
    p. 212.331.0112
    Alex Beard
    p. 212.351.9341

    Granted, it’s probably not the sales agent’s job to shovel (I don’t know) but the agents must know who the owner and responsible party is.

    If this situation bothers you, why not call them? It worked for Kids’ Club and Ann Taylor Loft last winter.

  • nabeguy

    Even walk-away sellers should grasp the idea that, until the property is actually sold, the responsibilities incumbent upon it are still in effect. Maybe a good slip-and-fall suit will make them realize that. And maybe I’ll take a walk along that stretch in my leather-soled shoes and just see what happens…

  • BklynJace

    Heartily endorse a shame list of non-shovelers. As I get older and more crotchety, this drives me increasingly insane.

  • Nancy

    And we should include the private homes as well, not just businesses. Some of these place never shovel after any snow

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Call 311 and complain, Sanitation will issue a summons to the buildings owner.

  • Alanna

    I slipped and fell in front of this building this morning :(

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Sue the bastards.

  • liam

    they didn’t clear their side walk last storm either !
    now it’s like an ice skating rink.
    very dangerous.
    i agree with bkln jace
    we should publish a hall of shame !

  • Ari

    If we’re publishing a hall of shame, how about the Parks Dept?

    The sidewalks by Hilliside, Palmetto Playgroud/Park, and every other park in the neighborhood (with the exception of BPP) have not been cleared and are all pure sheets of ice.

  • nabeguy

    Ari, which sidewalks by Hillside Park? From what I’ve seen, they’re religiously shoveled by the JW’s to prevent any harm to their members who must walk the hill.

  • nabeguy

    And I’d like to add an additional name to the Hall…the offices of the Brooklyn Eagle on the corner of Middagh and Henry. I’ll give them a bye on the Middagh St. side due to the fireman’s cars parked on the sidewalk, but there’s no excuse for them not plowing more than a single-person lane on the Henry St. side, especially given that it’s a major route for parents taking their children to PS 8. The only area they cleared to the sidewalk was the driveway in front of the garage that they deliver the papers from. In terms sidewalk shoveling, the Eagle is a turkey.