Montague Street Jennifer Convertibles Will Close at the End of the Month


We knew it was coming – Jennifer Convertibles on Montague Street will close at the end of the month.  This caps a terrible month for the chain as it’s in the process of closing four stores including this one and CEO Harley Greenfield was busted  and charged with the DWI related death of a man last Wednesday.  The company posted a $6.2 million dollar loss in the last fiscal quarter.

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  • milton

    Zabars should open a Brooklyn branch -and this is the perfect location!

  • Andrew Porter

    What?!? And compete with our own home grown Sahadi’s? Not to mention Garden of Eden. No, I think it shd be another used book store. Or bring back the Entenmann’s Discount Muffin store!

  • jorale-man

    Zabars would be nice. Or how about a Heights branch of Tea Lounge?

  • vital action

    Zabars never expanded out of thier upperwestside location so why would they choose brooklyn heights or brooklyn at all

  • Norman E-Mailer

    A used bookstore would be nice, but I assume the rent is far too high for any seller to take the risk.

  • Remsen

    Excellent, hated that place…but better than a vacant store front….bring Sleepy’s with you please…

  • C.

    Used book store? Man, you people are boring. Give us a BAR!

  • Lou

    Never stepped into the store. Hopefully something decent will go in there although I sadly doubt it. Just too expensive on Montague in general.

  • Lou

    I agree with C. I was going to say bar, too. However whenever one is proposed someone always comes out against it. Lets bring back the days when there was somewhere to bend an elbow after 7pm that wasn’t BH Cafe and Buon Gusto.

  • bornhere

    I actually thought they had closed months ago, but that the space just had not yet rented.
    And just divide the space — half fish store, half real bakery. (Or, for those who can’t find a bar on Atlantic Avenue, half Annie’s-ish and half something else.)

  • Old School

    Bring back Square Circle

  • bklynnate

    Two Words: Union Market.

  • Sticky

    Residents of Brooklyn Heights need a good bike shop.

  • Ari

    How about a decent and fun bar?

    You know, a place for all of us younger folks in our 20’s and 30s to congregate and enjoy libations and life…..

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Yes a combo bike shop/laundromat. It would have to be on a side street since Montague would be too expensive. Now a Greek Restaurant/bike shop/laundromat would be perfect. Yes you could have Greek food while you wait for your laundry. Any partners out there interested?

  • Jonny

    I bought the convertible love seat I sleep on EVERY NIGHT (hurray for studios!) at this place, but it will definitely be a plus if this store is replaced with something you are going to want to patronize more than once in your life. I fear, though, that like many of its neighbors this will be an empty space for quite some time.

  • AAR

    Like the idea of bike shop, laundromat, and Greek or other food…if we can add yarn, I’d be there all the time… Has anyone been to LaCasita Yarn Shop and Cafe on Smith Street between Douglass and DeGraw?

  • Remsen

    Bar please…

  • nancy

    Mexican food!!! We need a real Mexican restaurant and an old world style Italian restaurant. But since no place except a chain can afford the rent which is probably enormous, I bet a retailer, like Ann Taylor or a “higher” quality chain restaurant will actually come

  • Kate

    BK Heights desperately needs a bar. A real bar. It’s hard to beleive we don’t have one yet as there are so many college dorms in the area.

  • BH Lover

    A bar that stays open past 11 on a week night (I’m even 41 and I have kids – imagine that).

  • Sticky

    The Brewery on Henry stays open until you leave.

  • my2cents

    I am hoping for something lame and/or expensive! But I would settle for the hopelessly banal.

  • AEB

    As was once said about Calvin Coolidge after he died, “How will they know the difference?”

    I propose a roller rink. Or a roller derby. Or roller coaster. Or, failing those, a REALLY great [fill in].

  • x

    An authentic Italian/Greek/Mexican/French restaurant would be much welcomed.

    How about a BBQ restaurant?

  • AEB

    What about a REALLY great crack house?

  • Montragrue

    A food court like the one with KFC/Nathan’s/Tim Hortons on Court. Time to Double Down, baby!

  • AEB

    …and my2, hopelessly banal should be no problem, here in our beloved Duckburg….

  • WillowtownCop

    Yuk. Who wants their laundry to smell like souvlaki?

  • milton

    Zabars is really the perfect thing. according to the latest theories of plate tectonics, Brooklyn Heights was actually originally a part of the Upper West Side.
    It’s time for a Zabars Empire.
    It would be wonderful never to have to buy anything stale at Lassen’s again!!