84th Precinct Names Cop of the Year

He made a whopping 54 arrests last year while patrolling the Fulton Mall area and last week Lawrence Bosch was named the 84th Precinct’s Cop of the Year:

Brooklyn Paper: “He shows what an officer with energy and zest can do,” his commanding officer, Capt. Mark DiPaolo, told the 84th Precinct Community Council, a civic group, at its meeting last Tuesday.

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  • Grateful BH Resident

    Officer Bosch: Congratulantions on the award, and thank you for the hard work you do to keep the neighborhood safe.

  • http://inklake.typepad.com PBK

    I’m happy for the man, but if you are assigned to the area around the Fulton Street Mall, and can’t make what amounts to about 1 arrest a week, you should be in another profession.

  • GHB

    Good work, Officer Bosch. I do not envy you! Thanks for trying to keep us safe…

  • peter

    Thank you Sir. you have a very difficult job.