Open Thread Wednesday 1/26/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!
BHB Photo Club pic by Julie Finestone via Flickr

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  • John

    More Snow Yeah !

  • tb


  • Rider

    I wan wondering if anyone knows of a biking group; come spring (wishful thinking doesn’t hurt) I would like to join one. Anyone?

  • AEB

    If. It. Snows. One. More. Time…I’m going to climb to the top of the Texas Book Depository and…well, I’m seriously not amused by the weather!

    Homer, make it stop! Please!

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Rider, start with Transportation Alternatives,

  • BG

    @Rider, why not try the group that meets up on Sunday mornings, Henry between Clark and Pierrepont, outside First Presbyterian

  • bklyn20

    This latest snow onslaught leads me to ask: are kids allowed to sled on Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park? I know they can sled at the dog run (aka Hillside) but is Pier 1 now an alternative?

  • nycdigest

    Reminder: I’m trying to crowdsource helicopter complaints. If you hear a helicopter go to and fill out as much of the form as you can.

    There’s eight responses so far since 1/14, mostly from DUMBO.

  • Lee

    @rider look at the for group rides and their spring training series or the SIG, very good group.

  • @rider

    @rider-also join the 5 Boro Bike Club (, which has lots and lots of rides, and if you feel up to it, the Montauk Century.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Look at the attached film at the 9:37 mark and you will see that Pier One is not conducent to sleigh riding. The primary reason is that it is difficult to get to because of the snow consequently the hill is virgin snow and very deep. If many children would go there and pack it down from use it would be a totally different story.

  • lcd

    How about walking groups? – weekend mornings aiming towards and over the bridge. Anyone know if any exist, or if there’s interest to start one? (after the snow/ice clears a little….)

  • WBPierrepont

    There are some heights residents who are completely forgetting their responsibilities as dog owners just because there is snow on the ground. Dog poop does not melt with the snow.

    One day last week, I confronted a woman, while walking my own dog, who had not picked up after her dog. She told me she never does and she has never gotten a ticket. After she decided to give me attitude, I politely blamed her for all of the gross, smeared dog poop in the snow around Brooklyn Heights. I also told her she does not deserve to own such a loving animal. Needless to say, she took the plastic bag I offered her/threw at her feet.

    Also, since when is it known as “Hillside”? My entire life I’ve either called it Sqibb Hill, Dog Hill, or Suicide Hill. Times are changing, I guess.

  • nycdigest

    For the two other people interested in the helicopter survey, the ongoing results are here:

  • Just A Neighbor

    WB Pierrepont – THANK YOU.

  • Ari

    You guys are telling me that dog poop doesn’t melt?!

    Next you’ll also tell me that chicken wing parts, assorted garbage, and cigarette butts also don’t melt with the snow.

    Could have fooled me on Clinton and Montague Streets all this time…..

  • bklyn20

    I generally call it Squibb, its traditional name, I didn’t stop to think that this blog is full of long-time Brooklynites who would know the REAL name rather than the nouveau name!

  • Claude Scales

    Ari: I think what WBP meant is that dog poop, unlike snow, doesn’t melt to a liquid and simply flow away or evaporate. It does thaw. I learned this on a late March morning in Boston in 1970 when I was jogging with a friend. I had lived in Florida for many years and was just getting used to northern winters. Anyway, as we were running along the bank of the Charles on the first spring-like morning of the year I noticed a pungent aroma, and commented on it to my friend. “That’s the winter’s accumulated dog poop beginning to thaw”, he said. “The smell of dog poop is the first sign of spring.”


    Warning!!! Potholes!
    On the approaches to the Brooklyn Bridge! These are treacherously deep wheel-benders if not axle breakers.
    I suppose we can’t hold City Hall to blame except that you’d think maintaining decent road conditions on our super-well-traveled roadway would automatically be a very high priority.

  • nabeguy

    I always thought Suicide Hill was the stretch from Willow to Hicks. Squibb was alway’s just Squibb, although going down it on a bicycle was considered an act worthy of a Darwin Award.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Nabe, Willow to Hicks is Snake Hill. Hillside park and that section of Columbia Heights is Squibb or Suicide Hill… at least that’s how I always knew it to be.

  • nabeguy

    Thanks Eddy, you’re right. How could I have forgotten learning my skateboarding chops on Snake Hill? And on a homemade “deck”, no less, namely a 2 x 4 with a separated pair of roller skates hammered to the bottom. Gosh, we were like the Les Paul beta version of Tony Hawk.

  • Teddy


    With all of the snow and change in temps, this spring will probably be one of the worst pothole seasons in years.

  • Accountant
  • Monty

    Anyone here live at 27 Pierrepont? The Willow St side of that building has been a hockey rink for most of the last 6 weeks. Maybe someone can nudge the super to sprinkle some salt?