Saucy Author Says Brooklyn Heights is Sexy

Michelle Haimoff, author of Secret New York: Exploring the City’s Hidden Neighborhoods is featured in the New York Times City Room. When asked what her favorite “Gilded Era beauties” are she answers:

New York Times City Room: I know you asked about Manhattan, but I find the row houses in Brooklyn Heights to be exceedingly charming (and the neighborhood is only a five minute subway ride from Wall Street). With hundreds of houses that date from 1820 to the Civil War, the Heights became the first area to be designated a historic district by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1966. The streets are largely residential, and I challenge you not to fantasize about owning one of the mansions on Pierrepont Street or Pierrepont Place. While you’re there, stroll the Promenade where Diane Keaton and Woody Allen gazed at the Manhattan skyline from a bench in the eponymous movie. Just make sure to download “Rhapsody in Blue” onto your iPod first.

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  • Sidney Bechet

    I’m glad the author likes Brooklyn Heights and all, but she’s got her Woody Allen movies all wrong. The scene from “Manhattan” she references was shot along Sutton Place, and not the Promenade. Diane and Woody are gazing upon the Queensboro Bridge, not the Manhattan skyline. How she could confuse the Queensboro Bridge for the Brooklyn Bridge, I don’t know. Maybe she’s from upstate. Nevertheless, Woody does walk along the Promenade with Louise Lasser in one of the final scenes of “Bananas.”

  • CJP

    All due respect to the headline writer. Didn’t the article say that she found “Brooklyn Heights exceedingly charming” not “sexy” as in the headline?

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Picky aren’t we.

  • Jack Teagarden

    Thanks Mr Bechet 1) for correcting the glaring errors in the piece, and
    2) for reminding this old man of the monster crush he had for Louise Lasser.

  • Billy Reno

    We the people make it charming. Ricky’s makes it sexy.

  • val

    Brooklyn Heights is a “secret?” A “hidden neighborhood?”

  • nabeguy

    Yeah, hidden, as in the “on the other side of the bridge”

  • Michelle Haimoff

    Thank you for the mention on your fantastic website Homer, you’ve just gained another reader.

    And of course Sidney, you are right about the scene in Manhattan. I asked the Times to add a correction (I even tried to have them link to this site).

    I’m not from upstate NY, but considering that I confused my Woody Allen movies, it’s a fair question. I will watch every Woody Allen movie back to back twice so I never confuse them again.

    Your fellow enthralled New Yorker,