Bleep! Bleep! Brooklyn Heights Resident Paul Giamatti Cops Golden Globe

Brooklyn Heights resident/actor Paul Giamatti won the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Golden Globe Award tonight for his role in the new movie Barney’s Version.

We couldn’t tell if it was crappy Time Warner Cable service or NBC censors that caused some of the actor’s acceptance speech to be dropped out. Giamatti doled out the usual thanks to director, cast (the “trifecta of hotties” who play his wives: Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver and Rachelle Lefevre) and crew. He also mentioned that he ate “five boxes of Godiva chocolate” while sitting in the audience.
Update: Homer’s pal from his radio days “Dead Air Dave” aka the guy who was Howard Stern’s official censor notes that NBC was censoring anyone who said “Christ” or “Jesus Christ”. Giamatti expressed his appreciation for presenter Halle Berry by saying “Jesus Christ… Halle Berry!”

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  • Josh G

    I heard it (didn’t hear it) too.. NBC was likely broadcasting with a delay. But yes TWC service can be crappy..

  • GHB

    TWC loses sound for a few seconds at a time regularly. Couldn’t tell if Giamatti was being bleeped or if TWC was being TWC. I’m guessing the latter…

  • Shelley Roberts

    I was having that problem all during the Golden Globes. It was annoying but I’ve come to expect that kind of service from TWC.

  • Dead Air Dave

    Don’t you think you should look at the Facebook page of your former censor friend to find expert analysis of what was bleeped and the stupidity of NBC? Sure. Oh sure.

  • Jorale-man

    Jesus, that’s amazing (ahem). I can’t believe that something so harmless would constitute censorship. It’s a sad commentary on the television networks if that’s the case.

  • Heightser

    I was drooling over Halle and I’m a straight woman!