WPIX Talks to BHB’s Loscalzo, Sen. Squadron About Chopper Noise Redux

WPIX-TV who covered our fight against tourist helicopter noise last Spring, were back here today investigating the recent resurgence in activity.   Correspondent Monica Morales spoke to Brooklyn Bugle Media founder John “Homer Fink” Loscalzo and NYS Senator Daniel Squadron about the issue.

Earlier today, Squadron demanded that tour operators comply “100 percent” with a deal they struck with the  city last year.

One of the main concerns of Squadron and the Brooklyn Heights Association is that citizen complaints to 311 are being ignored or at the very least not being logged properly.

BHB reader/DUMBO resident @epc has set up an Google doc for residents to log their helicopter noise complaints. This shouldn’t be used in lieu of calling 311, but in conjunction with making that call. Click here for the form.

The BHA released this report outlining issues with 311:

Brooklyn Height Association, Inc.
December 8, 2010

Problems with the current 311 Complaint System for helicopters:
It is not truly part of the NYC 311 system; no reference number is given.
A test sampling of 21 phone calls to the 311 system in October 2010 shows that four were not in the final record, a loss factor of 19%.
Complaints on-line provide a space for comments but the comments are not accepted by the system when the user files the complaint and thus do not appear in the final report. The report shows “N/A”
The system makes no provision to complain about the noise from the DMH, only helicopters in flight. The roar of up to five helicopters at a time idling on the tarmac is the source of much of the noise yet the system will not accept this complaint.
The system accepts only one helicopter complaint for one instant of time. Some of our complaints lodged referenced four flybys by four different helicopters or 30 minutes of roaring noise from the DMH; all this is not reflected in the record.
Requiring the caller to listen to the script about the 311 helicopter complaint system slows down the process and is annoying.
The system is not designed to capture the 100 to 300 daily low-altitudes (i.e. below the radar, under 1500 feet) helicopter flyovers over the densely populated Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. These helicopters seem to be transient flights not originating nor destined for DMH. They are not following FAA controlled routes and are flying low over densely populated areas.

Integrate the helicopter complaint system into the 311 system and provide a reference number for complaints
Correct the on-line system to record comments
Expand the list of complaint categories to include noise emanating from the DMH, time duration, multiple helicopter complaints, and transient helicopter complaints.
Remove the reading of the introductory speech about the EDC.

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  • cwr

    It’s about time someone pay some attention! This much heralded agreement turns out to be nothing but a means to get complaints off of the back of the Mayor’s Economic Development Corporation, which is responsible for putting tourist sightseeing flights on the DMH.
    Sightseeing companies advertise (newyorkhelicopter.com) tours over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, Financial Center, South Street Seaport — clearly in violation of the City guidelines. Pilots fly this route routinely. During the top tourist season, for example the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, up to 8 helicopters could be observed –and heard– for hours every day, rotors churning on the DMH pad or landing and taking off. After the 12/27 blizzard, when everybody else was waiting for a snow plow, the DMH was plowed edge-to-edge by 9 AM. Some VIPs arriving?

  • Judy Stanton

    A big thank you to the BHB for bringing Ch. 11 back to highlight this problem that has not gone away. Baby Gracie is really cute and very photogenic! Let’s hope her naptimes will become quieter.