“Chop the Choppers” Update: Homer and DrewBurch on TV!

Monica Morales of WPIX Channel 11 News interviewed BHB founder John “Homer Fink” Loscalzo and BHB reader/commenter Drew Burchenal yesterday, and the clip above aired on the 6:30 and 10:00 p.m. news. (Video clip courtesy of Karl Junkersfeld.)

Read more about our proposal, contribute your opinion/plan and sign the petition here.

Publisher’s Note: While we await the “official” video from WPIX, please excuse the enthusiasm of Mr. Junkersfeld’s cat, Polo, who is clearly either our biggest fan or is far more agitated about the choppers than we are. After the jump, the short 6:30pm version of WPIX’s chopper report, sadly sans Mr. Polo Junkersfeld.

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  • http://www.valeriefrankel.com val

    Go, Homer! You’re a star!

  • AEB

    Excellent, Homer! You oughta be in pictures..but you are! And so are the copters, which is this case is a good thing….

  • martinlbrooklyn

    Those choppers drive the cat named Polo crazy. And, she lets you know it right on the Video.
    But this unnecessary, deafening, disturbing racket from the sky is no joke for all of us, many tens of thousands of humans and cats and dogs, too.

  • my2cents

    Maybe flocks of canada geese and pigeons should be unleashed daily?