Open Thread Wednesday 1/12/11

What’s on your (snowy) mind? Comment away!
BHB Photo Club pic by aloucha

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  • lori

    I heard the plow go down Columbia Hts at 3 AM and 5 AM – I think they are better prepared than last time. BUT, the schools are open? How many teachers will be there?

  • Jorale-man

    Wondering who handles the plowing of the promenade after snowstorms? It always seems like it doesn’t quite cut it entirely – i.e. just one little path down the center.

  • Daddy Dearest

    I just wanted to thank the man who was going down Hicks street with the snow blower clearing the sidewalk. Wherever the sidewalk wasn’t shoveled, he made multiple passes to clear the way. It was a good way to start the day seeing someone help their neighbors.

  • Johny

    not too much wind made the landscape beautiful

  • Alanna

    Again, Anne Taylor loft, clean the sidewalk, por favor.

  • Monty

    City’s response was great, but there are twice as many unshovelled sidewalks as last time.

  • Squiggy

    Does anyone know what is going on with the folks at Fascati? It’s been closed since New Year’s Day. A sign on the door only says “family emergency.” Sorry to hear they are having troubles.

  • CFB

    If you’re home. and have a space shove, the Office of Emergency Management is asking people to dig out the fire hydrants.

  • gc

    There is a more recent sign on the door at Fascati’s that sadly reports their mother passed away, and that they will reopen
    Jan 18 ( I think that’s the date ).

  • beth

    I also want to thank whoever woke up early and shoveled the walk outside my building on Cranberry!!

    It was kind of hilarious how many plows I heard drive down the street last night compared to the three days it took last time.

  • RE-Fascati’s

    Note on the door today said their mother died. They will reopen on Jan 18th.

  • nabeguy

    Have to give Marty Mark-o-wits credit. I e-mailed his office about a 4 foot pile of snow that was dumped in front of my property by the DOS during the last storm and actually heard back from his office. Lo and behold, the pile is now a thing of the past. Thank you Kiesha Humphrey and the BP’s office…my faith is restored At least until the next big storm.

  • T.K. Small

    Since your faith has been restored, perhaps you will reconsider your decision to leave the neighborhood.

  • Homer Fink

    We’re looking for writers for the Brooklyn Bugle and for Cobble Hill Blog.
    If interested email me – info AT thebrooklynbugle DOT com .


  • George Earl

    Best Comment Yet? Well, the one I think should get the crown is one I heard two Cleveland-sounding tourists make as they passed me on Henry Street today. Both couldn’t get over the height of the unplowed snow. The one said, “Jesus, what do you think’s under that mountain?” After pausing maybe ten seconds, his friend replied, “Well, maybe somebody’s dead grandmother!”

  • AEB

    Gosh, George Earl, got any others as thigh-slapping?

  • x

    What is the BEST and affordable car service to go from Bklyn Heights to JFK?

  • Matthew Parker

    @x: Aracibo or Oxygen.

  • Monty

    Shed a tear for the owners of 281 Henry St who are unable to fetch their desired $5.395M for their home.

  • Y

    Anyone noticed the article in the Heights Courier about Jet W. being happy that Laetitia J. didnt “bring the ghetto” to the Dock Street project hearings?