Church Garden for Late Heights Couple

Brooklyn Heights residents Kerry and Cyndy Felski, who were killed in a New Jersey auto accident in August 2007, have been honored with a garden on the Middagh Street side of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary next to the rectory.  A sign posted near its entrance states that “family and friends have donated to this endeavor.”  An official plaque will be erected soon listing the donors who made the garden possible.  Anyone interested in making a donation can call Father Michael Carrano 718-625-1161.

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  • Poulenc

    I live but a half-block from this semi-verdant installation…and though green is always good, and gravel paths do invite…well, it’s hard to imagine that anyone will take the opportunity to actually enter this short, between-two-buildings alley.

    Still, it’s better than itself sans natural decor….