Jeffrey Stein to Make Dimples Spot Adult, Upscale and Inexpensive

Hairstylist Jeffrey Stein is taking the former Dimples Kids’ Spa space at 91 Montague Street, where he will offer a new concept in hair service.

New York Observer: Pretty soon hipsters with their kitchen scissors and $10 boxes of hydrogen peroxide won’t be the only ones getting free haircuts in Brooklyn. After 25 years in Manhattan, upscale stylist Jeffrey Stein is venturing across the bridge to debut a salon concept, wherein customers make a minimum product purchase and receive a free haircut.

The Observer quotes Joshua Roth, of ZE Realty Group, who represented Stein in the transaction, as saying the “timing is pretty good” for this “unique concept”, given the present state of the economy. The landlord was represented by Lisa Rosenthal of Lansco.

(via McBrooklyn)

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  • AEB

    Will it have a cell-phone-offering-cheap-woman’s-shoes-bad-Thai-That-restaurant-well-you-get-it-nook?

  • x

    It will be a real estate-pharmacy-salon.

    Cant we get a pawn shop to break up the monotony??

  • Claude Scales

    I hear that Great Wall may make deliveries there.

  • Ben

    What happened to Emily Rodriguez who had owned Hair Profiles on Montague Street above the cleaners? Does anyone know if she is still in the neighborhood cutting hair? Did she lose her lease what happened to Hair Profiles?

  • AEB

    I think, Claude, it would be better to have the salon operate OUT of Great Wall. That would place it nearer to me, at any rate….

  • william

    Da pawn shop is on Atlantic Ave between Clinton and Henry. They don’t offer delivery service though.

  • x


    Hair Profiles moved to a 2nd floor space on Remsen

    (718) 875-5593

  • Bobba

    They briefly did haircuts at Great Wall in the 1980s, but after the whole Yo-Yo Ma thing they decided to get back to their roots.

  • Josh G

    Ha I agree with the other posters.. I suppose it’s too much to hope for some unique retail on Montague St. (unique and not a kids’ spa.. wow what a surprise that flopped)

  • maia

    What is a minimum product purchase exactly?? Does anyone know? Sounds ambiguous…How much is a minimum product purchase, and what is the product …is it only haircare…?

    Between all the real estate firms, and salons I find our little neighborhood a bit boring…an upscale grocery store where you can find fresh vegetables, and courteous service would be at the very least a benefit to what is currently available.

    Thanks m

  • Jeff Stein

    This we be a unique experience for all. Its a new concept in hair care. The quality of trained stylist that truly no what they are doing. And of course Jeffrey Stein will be there making guest appearances. Give us a chance. We will make this a great place. A fun place and i guarantee it…

  • You Heard It

    LOL – – Who is Jeffrey Stein that we should care about, much less be excited about his guest appearances ?? Does he live in Brooklyn Heights?
    Free haircuts with product purchase translates to overpriced products.
    Think I’ll pass and stay with my regular girl.

  • nabeguy

    Jeff, I can only hope that your English skills are exceeded by your hair-cutting skills.

  • WillowtownCop

    I went in the salon that used to be there maybe 10 years ago- but only once. The woman may have given me a nice haircut, but she moved my head by grabbing my ear.

  • Tracy

    Oooo, I like the shoe store suggestion! I definitely think that women look forward to visiting the salon to be pampered; as we should be since we pay a huge chunk of change for our hair colors and cuts!