Mr. Junkersfeld’s New Year, and Morning After

Our man with cam gives us views of fireworks, festivities and food on a New Year’s Eve and following morning, spanning Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

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  • nabeguy

    Hey Karl,
    thanks for the pancakes
    ( if this was my dad i think he would be like I LOVE BROOKLYN *drool drool* yeah not kidding )

  • AEB

    Wow–seeing New Year’s in at Noodle Pudding! Eat your heart out, Manhattan night spots!

    And a happy New Year to you too, Karl! 2011, indeed! The other day I dated a check December 28, 1985.

    It was cashed.

    Our hold on time is very tenuous, no?

  • nabeguy

    And thanks for the intro to Buttermilk Channel and their transcendent pork chop. Good enough to make me reconsider my move. Or, at least, try to duplicate it in the sticks…..

  • Claude Scales

    Actual dialogue from several years ago at Cafe Buon Gusto:

    Customer: Are the pork chops breaded?
    Waiter: No.
    Customer: Good. I’ll have the pork chops.
    Other customer: Why do you care if the pork chops are breaded?
    Customer: Because it’s Passover.

  • Demonter

    My brother was working in the home of a congenial Hassidic family years ago when the soft spoken wife inquired if he’d like to have lunch with them. My brother demurred at first, but the very nice lady of the house persisted.
    “I’ll make you a sandwich…anything you’d like”,she offered with a smile.
    “Well..alright”, my brother replied.
    “Good, what would you like”?
    “How about a ham and cheese sandwich”, said my sibling.
    The entire family burst out laughing.

  • T.K. Small

    My roommate in college claimed to have graduated number one from his Hebrew school. Being a WASP, I did not know that much about Jewish culture. One day I asked him the question “What would be an example of traditional Jewish food?” He responded, “Chinese food!”

  • Jorale-man

    Another great video. I spent my New Year’s morning at Tazza on Henry, which was nowhere nearly as busy as Buttermilk Channel, but the staff was friendly as always and the pressed panini sandwiches were first-rate.

  • Andrew Porter

    I was gonna go down to the Promenade and watch the fireworks, but on second thought, ended up watching the festivities on NY1. They have this half hour of coverage with *no dialogue*, just sights and sounds.

    On consideration, I had a pretty darned good 2010; hope it’s as good for all of you in this New Year!