Video: North Heights Snow, Limo “Parks” on Middagh

At AEB’s urging, I took a walk outside to take a photo of the very classy white limo blocking Middagh Street this morning.  The snow, it’s really deep but I made it over, got the shot.   The “entertaining” video after the jump.

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  • David on Middagh

    The limo showed up around midnight, and for a long while was spinning its wheels, trying to free itself from the unfortunate decision to pass through our little unplowed intersection.


    Since our super doesn’t live in the neighborhood, I think it’s up to me to shovel us out today. I think I’ll get on the exercise bike to warm up so I don’t strain something.

  • hickonhicks

    It’s still out there now! My only concern is for the firetrucks if they need to get out!

  • AEB

    …they’ll back up, hockonhicks. They do amazingly serpentine things with those firetrucks..

  • AEB

    Ooops: HICKSonhicks–sorry!

  • Jimmy R.

    Funny how no one mentioned that the back window of the car is open.

  • T.K. Small

    Apparently there was/is a similar situation on Grace Court in the turnaround. Apparently the car is buried after making a drop-off. Are these drivers simply abandoning their cars and going home?

  • hoppy

    I hope Paulie and the “Situation” were able to make it home OK…

  • Heights and Hills–OOh My!

    Congress Street in Cobble Hill, a fairly busy street that cuts across the BQE trench and is used by those coming off the BQE at the Atlantic Avenue exit, remains completely unplowed. Great fun for kids, but not so much for emergencies.

    I’m gonna say it but you’re all thinking about it–Impeach Bloomberg! It’s about time, and its more environmentally efficient than burning him in effigy.

  • Heights and Hills–OOh My!

    Sorry that no photos, but it is cold outside and I wasn’t taking off my gloves.

  • abc

    dying to know if the limo is still there?

  • David on Middagh

    abc, the limo is still there, as well as a garbage truck/plow that is mired on the block between it and Henry. (Nabeguy and I both overlook that block; he’s posting updates on the other limo thread.)

  • nabeguy

    What clock is the BHB on? DOM posted at 11:57, but according to my cable box, it’s only 11.51. This really is a progressive site, isn’t it?
    In any case, the limo and plow are both still there. I hope I can get some sleep tonight with the plow belching out noise deep into the morning hours.

  • David on Middagh

    Four young (collegiate?) miscreants just tore the front panel off the limo and are carrying it up Hicks St. I yelled at them to no effect.

  • nabeguy

    I think that was the DOS. In any case, they abandoned the panel at the next corner of Hicks and Cranberry where it sits atop a snowbank that is cutting off access to Cranberry much the same way that the limo did.
    BTW, the limo was finally dragged out last night., but Middagh has yet to be re-plowed.

  • AEB

    I’m sort of disappointed that the limo was moved, as I was hoping that it would be there for the crossing guard to reposition herself.

    Alternatively, it would have made a terrific planter…