Snow ‘Nuff

BHB photo by C. Scales

The scene at the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade at about 2:30 this afternoon. According to Judah Cohen in today’s Times, we can blame this on global warming (or thank it, if you like sledding).

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  • Andrew Porter

    More extremes, the rest of our lives. Greater snowfalls, greater rains, stronger storms, longer droughts, higher highs, lower lows. Notice how no one uses the old saying, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it,” any more?

    Then there are melting glaciers. Your great-grandchildren may not be living here…

  • Demonter

    We have to adapt and survive. In about ten years most people will finally realize what has to be done as a global community. Hopefully…

  • TS McGee


  • Mike

    Just curious – can anyone name a single type of weather that would not be caused by global warming/climate change at this point? It seems if it gets warmer, it’s global warming. If gets colder – global warming. More hurricanes? Global warming. No hurricanes – same thing. 10 years ago – they said children would grow up not knowing what snow was anymore. Now, we’ve got blizzards.

  • David on Middagh

    Mike, I don’t know who “they” were who said there wouldn’t be snow anymore. I think the main point is, thickening the air traps more energy. More energy –> more activity.

    I could see how we’d have less snow in certain latitudes, and probably overall. Some mountain creatures are already edging higher to keep cool (unfortunately, there’s less land the higher you go).

  • Mike

    Glad you asked, David. It’s the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, among others:

    If you’re curious about who those folks are, googling ‘climategate’ will give you more information.

    Unfortunately, for a hypothesis to be testable, there has to be something that can disprove it. Otherwise, you might just as well be saying the weather is what it is ‘Because the goddess wills it’.

  • hicksonhicks

    Judah’s Times article states that the climate warming theorists failed to predict the increased snowfall in their models. The theory’s models cannot predict major meteorological anomalies, yet we should believe their models with respect to the overall conclusion that we are at risk from global warming.

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, my Goddess can lick your Goddess with one tentacle tied behind her (its?) back!

    Climategate. I loved it. They kept using the word “trick” is if it meant “lie”. But when you teach your dog a new trick, does that mean you’ve taught it to lie?