Hey Man, Let’s Buy Magnetic Field

last  night of magnetic field by jay lajoie

If we believed it was really easy to execute the doubling pennies theory then Qfwfq, Claude Scales, Norman E-mailer, EJ and I would be lugging tons of pennies into the Commerce Bank on Court Street and buying Magnetic Field. But until that day comes, it’s still up for grabs according to a new posting on Craigslist:

Magnetic Field is for sale. The landlord will give the purchaser a 7 year lease at 6500 per month.

1200sf, plus finished basement (fully equipped, 2 offices). New 14 beer draft system with blender box. Full size walk-in. Full professional live sound system and DJ set-up. Fully sound proofed and treated.

Leave a message for William 212-504-8021

Flickr photo by jay lajoie

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  • huh

    I don’t get it, you buy it then pay $6500 a month for 7 years?