NYPD Releases Pierrepont Street Mugger’s Mug Shot

Police are still looking for Tommy Hairston who is wanted for the September, 2009 attack on a 67-year-old Pierrepont St. resident, and released his mug shot today.

Hairston reportedly carried out the brutal attack reported here last year:

A man was pistol-whipped shortly before 9:00 Thursday night in front of 61 Pierrepont St., between Henry and Hicks. According to witnesses, the man, who walks with crutches, was going to his car that was parked in front of the building when he was approached by a person described as a black male in his 30′s. The person produced a firearm and struck the victim on the head. His screams alerted neighbors, and the assailant fled in a white, 2007 Toyota, with license plate EME 5052.

Witnesses say the victim remained conscious throughout the ordeal, and was able to give information to police before an ambulance transported him to the hospital. A citywide bulletin with the description of the getaway vehicle was broadcast, and the investigation is continuing.

NYPD photo

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  • x

    IT’s been a year and they still haven’t caught the guy..

    He must be in South America by now.

  • nabeguy

    x, I think you’re affording this cretin too much credit. South America? Ha! He’d probably get lost going to South Street Seaport.

  • william

    Looks like Odd Job, from the 007 Goldfinger movie, without the hat.

  • Publius

    A face only a mutha could love.

  • Monty

    Is that a man or a giant potato?

  • Demonter

    What was the motive?

  • nabeguy

    @demonter, looks to me like he may have needed money for accutane treatment.

  • Henry

    is this thie first time the public has seen a picture of the suspect? if yes, why the delay?

  • GHB

    …and if no, why haven’t they caught him yet?