New Directory Signs Posted

The Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO Cadman Plaza region is a tourist hot spot, and until now left with little direction. Good news, confused out-of-towners! When arriving in Brooklyn, you will be greeted by signs, pointing you to the Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and other landmarks. This sign is right outside the High Street station, but there are several scattered around the neighborhood.

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  • Andrew Porter

    I saw this one today on the way home. The lines look washed out on the street maps, and it’s located about 20 feet from the entrance to the High Street subway. The old, graffitied and unusabe sign is still there. Couldn’t they have replaced it with the new one?

  • HelloBrooklyn

    Euro go home

  • AEB

    Uh, “go straight” to the Brooklyn Bridge? And you can fuel-up for the trek directly ahead at the diner….

  • Bette

    The Cadman Plaza region is a tourist “hotspot”? That’s pretty pathetic.

  • Andrew Porter

    There are a tremendous number of people who come out of the subway entrance there whose only goal is to get to the pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, to walk back to Manhattan.

    Because of the urban renewal appearing modern buildings there, the charms of going into Brooklyn Heights or to the Promenade are not immediately visible.

    There are also a tremendous number of people who come out of the subway or off the Bklyn Bridge, who want to go to Grimaldi’s, or to DUMBO.

  • Anonymous

    I always try to give directions to lost tourists, who are easy to spot since they are wandering toward the Fulton Mall (i.e. the wrong direction) with a Fodors book in hand.

  • epc

    If only they’d put some signs at the Adams St exit of High Street. Tourists exit there, look at the walkway they can’t get to, and turn right towards Tillary (even after being told they can get to the walkway by walking “back” to Washington).

  • carlotta

    My husband and I gave directions to a couple from Ireland because this poor excuse for a ‘tourist’ informational sign confused them, as it did us.

    In answer to others, no, Cadman Plaza is not a tourist ‘hotspot’ but it is the exit from the subway and a great many tourist come to the Heights on the A train – many do want to go to DUMBO, many do want to cross the bridge and many others want to visit the historical buildings and walk the promenade – what’s the objection?

  • Andrew Porter

    This afternoon I saw one of the new signs, a round one the size of a pizza, on the ground at the NW corner of Clark and Cadman Plaza West. It had been attached to a street sign post with plastic fasteners, but had been cut off. It showed the *wrong way* to get to the Bklyn Bridge walkway: by walking on CadPlazaW to Tillary, then down Tillary to Adams, then left on the median to the bridge, rather than through the park to Cadman Plaza East.

    Someone’s editorial comment, apparently. I left it on the ground.

  • nabeguy

    Do these signs mean that I have to discontinue my practice of charging tourists for proper directions?
    Okay,I know what you’re thinking…”you charge tourists for directions?” Listen, if they’re dumb enough to wait in line outside of Grimaldi’s for an hour and a half regardless of the weather, then it’s open season on suckers as far as I’m concerned. Why should one pie slinger reap all the benefits?

  • David on Middagh

    nabeguy, how much do you charge? I’ve been going with three bucks for the Brooklyn Bridge, Grimaldi’s, or Promenade (2/$5, 3/$7), two bucks for the subway, and five bucks for a photo session with their point-and-shoot.

  • nabeguy

    DOM, after a while, I got smart. Now, I charge a flat fee of $10.00 for a map.It’s simpler and I don’t have to be a UN-level translator.