DUMBO Touted as “Silicon Beach”

It started, of course, with California’s Silicon Valley. Scotland countered with Silicon Glen. Manhattan boasted of Silicon Alley. India has its Silicon Plateau. Now, local real estate developers, including Two Trees, are promoting DUMBO as Silicon Beach. The linked Fortune article (also cited in this New York Observer piece) in turn links to stories about six digital operations that have started and, so far, thrived there: Big Spaceship, Etsy, Carrot Creative, Huge, In8Mobile, and Brooklyn Digital Foundry.

More sobersided types have taken to calling the area the New York Digital District.
BHB photo by C. Scales

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  • Monty

    Another DUMBO tech company, Wireless Generation was recently purchased by News Corp for $360M.

  • Billy Reno

    Apropos in that there is so much broken glass amongst those rocks at the river’s edge.

  • Sticky

    Don’t forget about dealnews.com!

  • Joe2: The Joe-ening

    At least it is better than CanDo.