L’shanah Tovah, Party Like It’s 5767!

splashimage1.jpgWe were very thrilled to see the nabe's own SuperRabbi Simcah Weinstein (author of Up Up and Oy Vey!) on the front page of the latest edition of Brooklyn Papers.  He's seen celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the year 5767 by blowing a shofar on the Brooklyn Promenade.

Elsewhere in this week's Brooklyn Paper, Tina Barry reviews Jack the Horse Tavern. Seems that Ms. Barry's review of the new nabe hot spot is very similar to Mrs. Fink's recent dispatch. Great minds do think alike and while both of them love the friendly atomosphere at JtH (it really is a great place to have a drink and a nice chicken liver schmeer), they found some flaws in the dishes, most notably the pork dish which both felt was dry and salty.  Ms. Barry gave kudos to the salmon tartare, while Mrs. Fink gave a big thumbs up to the cheeseburger. Both loved the deserts and agree that JtH is a diamond in the rough.

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