Marty Markowitz Talks Turkey

The New York Post stole my line about it not quite being like WKRP In Cincinnati, but nevertheless, Borough Prez Marty Markowitz handed out 1,000 turkeys and tons of trimmings to Brooklyn’s needy at Borough Hall yesterday. Said Markowitz:

“Sharing not only reflects the true meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday, but I would also like to think that it reflects the true values that we hold dear as Brooklynites, New Yorkers and Americans.”

Joining him was Deputy Borough President Yvonne Graham, the Bedford Stuyvesant and Red Hook Lions Clubs, and various volunteers throughout the city. Click here for information on how you can volunteer this Thanksgiving, and click here for the infamous WKRP episode, “Turkeys Away.”

Claude also posted a reminder that Heights and Hills needs pies for seniors!

(Photo courtesy New York Post)

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  • Claude Scales

    As a reminder, Heights and Hills still needs pies for its Thanksgiving dinner for local seniors, as well as servers for the meal Thursday afternoon. See here.

  • JOHN

    Marty has always been a kind hearted person. I learned that the first time I met Marty when I prepped his new Honda in 1980. God bless you Marty. You are the best of Brooklyn.