84th Precinct is Second Safest in NYC

We’re number 2 — in safety!  That’s what the Brooklyn Eagle learned at the 84th Precinct’s community council meeting last week.  Oh yeah, and the NYPD has apprehended some skells in the recent rash of burglaries in Brooklyn Heights:

Brooklyn Eagle: 84th Precinct…: During the past month, he said, there were two bank robberies at the HSBC Bank on Montague Street. They believe that the same person is responsible for both – he is described as a black man between the ages of 40 and 50, 5-feet-8 tall and approximately 200 pounds. He passed a note to the teller requesting money. A substantial reward is being offered for his arrest and conviction.

On a brighter note, Abel informed council members that an arrest was made two weeks ago involving the residential burglaries that occurred in the Brooklyn Heights area dating back in December. Three Queens residents have been placed under arrest.

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  • http://paperskies.com e

    What about thefts? My bike of 13+ years was stolen right outside our apartment last week, on Joralemon. Kryptonite lock and everything. (If anyone sees a red Specialized ‘Hard Rock’ mountain bike riding around, let me know. Vigilante justice!)

  • http://instaputz.blogspot.com ts

    #1 is…?

  • Joe

    Seriously I would think the bike being 13+ year is more of a deterrent than the Kryptonite lock. These burglars need to get with the times.

    Yes my competitive nature is coming out. Who is #1?

  • anger 66

    i dont understand why the officer at 84th Precinct is only giving out parking violation ticket in the neighborhood but not making our community to be a safer place. bklyn hts. is such a well known area for tourists and all these old precious building residents…i m just angry that they treat the residents so bad and do not give us any break on the limited street parking situation. please have you duties done, all we need from you all is out safety not anymore parking violation tickets.

  • nabeguy

    I have noticed an increased police presence in the area, at least north of Clark. There always seems to be a patrol unit parked outside of Fascati’s…man, them guys must love their pizza. Now, if they could only catch the guy who tears open my garbage and distributes it all over the sidewalk, I’d really be happy. Small crime, I know, but extremely annoying.